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"Divine Scheme"

by Charles G. Finney

, when you come to see Him face to face,

and tell Him what you think of His plan,

when you are some thousands of years

older than you are now,

Will you not adore that Wisdom that

manages this scheme, and the Infinite Love

in which it had its birth?

O, what will you then say of that

amazing condescension

that brought down Jesus to your rescue!

Say, Christian, have you not often

poured out your soul before your Saviour

in acknowledgment of what

you have cost Him ...

And there seemed to be a kind of lifting up,

as if the very bottom of your soul

were to rise?

And if any earthbound one had seen you,

they would have wondered what had

happened to you ...

That had so melted your soul in

gratitude and love.

Reverend Charles G. Finney


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