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One Foolish Moment

by Charles Finney

s a traveler was riding along a solitary road to fulfill an appointment, a stranger met up with him and said,

"Friend, have you ever prayed?"


"How much will you take never to pray hereafter?"

"One dollar."

The stranger paid it over, and then continued on his journey. The traveler put the money in his pocket, and passed on, himself thinking about what had just happened.

The more the traveler thought, the worse he felt.

"Well, now," he said to himself, "I have just sold my soul for one dollar! That must have been the devil I met up with! Nobody else would tempt me so. With all my soul I must repent, or be damned forever!"

How often have you bargained to sell your Savior for thirty pieces of silver? Nay, for even the merest trifle!


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