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An Interpreting Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names

Showing the Meaning of Nearly All the Names of Persons and Places in the Bible

by Roswell Hitchcock

It should be observed that there is uncertainty about the derivation of some of some words in Hebrew,
so that some of the following names may have either of several meanings.
There are also some whose meaning, from a variety of circumstances, are altogether obscure or uncertain.
These are omitted from this dictionary.

New York, 1874

Reformatted by Katie Stewart

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Aaron - "a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength"

Abaddon - "the destroyer"

Abagtha - "father of the wine-press"

Abana - "made of stone; a building"

Abarim - "passages; passengers"

Abba - "father"

Abda - "a servant; servitude"

Abdeel - "a vapor; a cloud of God"

Abdi - "my servant"

Abdiel - "servant of God"

Abdon - "servant; cloud of judgment"

Abednego - "servant of light; shining"

Abel - "vanity; breath; vapor"

Abel - "a city; mourning"

Abel-beth-maachah - "mourning to the house of Maachah"

Abel-maim - "mourning of waters"

Abel-meholah - "mourning of sickness"

Abel-mizraim - "the mourning of Egyptians"

Abel-shittim - "mourning of thorns"

Abez - "an egg; muddy"

Abi - "my father"

Abiah - "the Lord is my father"

Abi-albon - "most intelligent father"

Abiasaph - "consuming father; gathering"

Abiathar - "excellent father; father of the remnant"

Abib - "green fruit; ears of corn"

Abidah - "father of knowledge"

Abidan - "father of judgment"

Abiel - "God my father"

Abiezer - "father of help"

Abigail - "the father's joy"

Abihail - "the father of strength"

Abihu - "he is my father"

Abihud - "father of praise; confession"

Abijah - "the Lord is my father"

Abijam - "father of the sea"

Abilene - "the father of mourning"

Abimael - "a father sent from God"

Abimelech - "father of the king"

Abinadab - "father of a vow, or of willingness"

Abinoam - "father of beauty"

Abiram - "high father; father of deceit"

Abishag - "ignorance of the father"

Abishai - "the present of my father"

Abishalom - "father of peace"

Abishua - "father of salvation"

Abishur - "father of the wall; father of uprightness"

Abital - "the father of the dew; or of the shadow"

Abitub - "father of goodness"

Abiud - "father of praise"

Abner - "father of light"

Abram - "high father"

Abraham - "father of a great multitude"

Absalom - "father of peace"

Accad - "a vessel; pitcher; spark"

Accho - "close; pressed together"

Aceldama - "field of blood"

Achab - "brother of the father"

Achaia - "grief; trouble"

Achaicus - a native of Achaia; "sorrowing; sad"

Achan or Achar - "he that troubleth"

Achaz - "one that takes, or possesses"

Achbor - "a rat; bruising"

Achim - "preparing; revenging; confirming"

Achish - "thus it is; how is this"

Achmetha - "brother of death"

Achor - "trouble"

Achsah - "adorned; bursting the veil"

Achshaph - "poison; tricks"

Achzib - "liar; lying; one that runs"

Adadah - "testimony of the assembly"

Adah - "an assembly"

Adaiah - "the witness of the Lord"

Adaliah - "one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death"

Adam - "earthy; red"

Adamah - "red earth; of blood"

Adami - "my man; red; earthy; human"

Adar - "high; eminent"

Adbeel - "vapor, or cloud of God"

Addi - "my witness; adorned; prey"

Addin - "adorned; delicious; voluptuous"

Addon - "basis; foundation; the Lord"

Adiel - "the witness of the Lord"

Adin - "voluptuous"

Adina - "adorned; voluptuous; dainty"

Adithaim - "assemblies; testimonies"

Adlai - "my witness; my ornament"

Admah - "earthy; red; bloody"

Admatha - "a cloud of death; a mortal vapor"

Adna - "pleasure; delight"

Adnah - "eternal rest"

Adoni-bezek - "the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning"

Adonijah - "the Lord is my master"

Adonikam - "the Lord is raised"

Adoniram - "my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation"

Adoni-zedek - "justice of the Lord; lord of justice"

Adoraim - "strength of the sea"

Adoram - "their beauty; their power"

Adrammelech - "the cloak, glory, grandeur or power of the king"

Adramyttium - "the court of death"

Adriel - "the flock of God"

Adullam - "their testimony; their prey; their ornament"

Adummim - "earthy; red; bloody things"

Aeneas - "praised; praiseworthy"

Aenon - "a cloud; fountain; his eye"

Agabus - "a locust; the father's joy or feast"

Agag - "roof; upper floor"

Agar or Hagar - "a stranger; one that fears"

Agee - "a valley; deepness"

Agrippa - "one who causes great pain at his birth"

Agur - "stranger; gathered together"

Ahab - "uncle, or father's brother"

Aharah - "a smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor"

Aharhel - "another host; the last sorrow; a brother's sheep"

Ahasbai - "trusting in me; a grown-up brother"

Ahasuerus - "prince; head; chief"

Ahava - "essence; being; generation"

Ahaz - "one that takes or possesses"

Ahaziah - "seizure; vision of the Lord"

Ahi - "my brother; my brethren"

Ahiah - "brother of the Lord"

Ahiam - "mother's brother; brother of a nation"

Ahian - "brother of wine"

Ahiezer - "brother of assistance"

Ahihud - "brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or of praise; witty brother"

Ahijah - same with Ahiah

- "a brother who raises up or avenges"

Ahilud - "a brother born, or begotten"

Ahimaaz - "a brother of the council"

Ahiman - "brother of the right hand"

Ahimelech - "my brother is a king; my king's brother"

Ahimoth - "brother of death"

Ahinadab - "a willing brother; brother of a vow"

Ahinoam - "beauty of the brother; brother of motion"

Ahio - "his brother; his brethren"

Ahira - "brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd"

Ahiram - "brother of craft, or of protection"

Ahisamach - "brother of strength"

Ahishahur - "brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness"

Ahishar - "brother of a prince; brother of a song"

Ahithophel - "brother of ruin or folly"

Ahitub - "brother of goodness"

Ahlab - "made of milk, or of fat; brother of the heart"

Ahlai - "beseeching; sorrowing; expecting"

Ahoah - "a live brother; my thorn or thistle"

Aholah - "his tabernacle; his tent"

Aholiab - "the tent of the father"

Aholibah - "my tent, or my tabernacle, in her"

Aholibamah - "my tabernacle is exalted"

Ahumai - "a meadow of waters; a brother of waters"

Ahuzam - "their taking or possessing vision"

Ahuzzah - "possession; seizing; collecting"

Ai or Hai - "mass; heap"

Aiah - "vulture, raven; an isle; alas, where is it?"

Aiath same as Ai - "an hour; eye; fountain"

Aijeleth-Shahar - "the land of the morning"

Ain - same as Aiath

- "a chain; strength; a stag"

Akkub - "foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness"

Akrabbim - "scorpions"

Alammelech - "God is king"

Alemeth - "hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead"

Alexander - "one who assists men"

Alian - "high"

Alleluia - "praise the Lord"

Allon - "an oak; strong"

Allon-bachuth - "the oak of weeping"

Almodad - "measure of God"

Almon - "hidden"

Almon-diblathaim - "hidden in a cluster of fig trees"

Alpheus - "a thousand; learned; chief"

Alush - "mingling together"

- "his rising up; his highness"

Amad - "people of witness; a prey"

Amal - "labor; iniquity"

Amalek - "a people that licks up"

Aman - "mother; fear of them"

Amana - "integrity; truth; a nurse"

Amariah - "the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord"

Amasa - "sparing the people"

Amasai - "strong"

Amashai - "the people's gift"

Amashi-ali - same as Amaziah

- "mother; fear; people"

Amaziah - "the strength of the Lord"

Aminadab - same as Amminadab

- "true; fearing"

Ammah - "my, or his, people"

Ammi - same as Ammah

- "the people of God"

Ammihud - "people of praise"

Ammi-nadab - "my people is liberal"

Ammishaddai - "the people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me"

Ammizabad - "dowry of the people"

Ammon - "a people; the son of my people"

Amnon - "faithful and true; tutor"

Amok - "a valley; a depth"

Amon - "faithful; true"

Amorite - "bitter; a rebel; a babbler"

Amos - "loading; weighty"

Amoz - "strong; robust"

Amplias - "large; extensive"

Amram - "an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn"

Amraphel - "one that speaks of secrets"

Amzi - "strong, mighty"

Anab - "a grape; a knot"

Anah - "one who answers; afflicted"

Anaharath - "dryness, burning, wrath"

Anak - "a collar; ornament"

Anamim - "a fountain; answer; affliction"

Anammelech - "answer; poverty of the king"

Anani - "a cloud; prophecy; divination"

Ananias or Ananiah - "the cloud of the Lord"

Anathema - "separated; set apart"

Anathoth or Anath - "answer; song; poverty"

Andrew - "a strong man"

Andronicus - "a man excelling others"

Anem or Anen - "an answer; their affliction"

Aner - "answer; song; affliction"

Aniam - "a people; the strength or sorrow of people"

Anim - "answerings; singings; afflicted"

Anna - "gracious; one who gives"

Annas - "one who answers; humble"

Antichrist - "an adversary to Christ"

Antioch - "speedy as a chariot"

Antipas - "for all, or against all"

Antipatris - "for or against the father"

Antothijah - "answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions"

Anub - same as Anab

- "exclusion; separation"

Apharsathchites Apharsites - "(from a root meaning) dividing or rending"

Aphek - "enclosure or fortress"

Aphekah - "force; strength"

Aphik - "strength; a rapid torrent"

Aphiah - "speaking, blowing"

Apocalypse - "uncovering, revelation"

Apocrypha - "hidden"

Apollonia - "perdition, destruction"

Apollonius - "destroying"

Apollos - "one who destroys; destroyer"

Apollyon - "a destroyer"

Appaim - "face; nostrils"

Apphia - "productive; fruitful"

Aquila - "an eagle"

Ar - "awakening; uncovering"

Ara - "cursing; seeing"

Arab - "multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust"

Arabia - "evening; desert; ravens"

Arad - "a wild ass; a dragon"

Arah - "the way; a traveler"

Aram - "highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse"

Aran - "an ark; their curse"

Ararat - "the curse of trembling"

Araunah - "ark; song; joyful cry"

Arba - "four"

Archelaus - "the prince of the people"

Archippus - "a master of horses"

Arcturus - "a gathering together"

Ard - "one that commands; he that descends"

Ardon - "ruling; a judgment of malediction"

Areli - "the light or vision of God"

Areopagus - "the hill of Mars"

Aretas - "agreeable, virtuous"

Argob - "a turf, or fat land"

Ariel - "altar; light or lion of God"

Arimathea - "a lion dead to the Lord"

Arioch - "long; great; tall"

Aristarchus - "the best prince"

Aristobulus - "a good counselor"

Armageddon - "hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo"

Arnon - "rejoicing; sunlight"

Aroer - "heath; tamarisk"

Arpad - "the light of redemption"

Arphaxad - "a healer; a releaser"

Artaxerxes - "the silence of light; fervent to spoil"

Artemas - "whole, sound"

Arumah - "high; exalted"

Asa - "physician; cure"

Asahel - "creature of God"

Asaiah - "the Lord hath wrought"

Asaph - "who gathers together"

Asareel - "the beatitude of God"

Asenath - "peril; misfortune"

Ashan - "smoke"

Ashbel - "an old fire"

Ashdod - "effusion; inclination; theft"

Asher - "happiness"

Ashima - "crime; offense"

Ashkenaz - "a fire that spreads"

Ashnah - "change"

Ashriel - same as Asareel

- plural of Ashtoreth

- "flocks; sheep; riches"

Ashur - "who is happy; or walks; or looks"

Asia - "muddy; boggy"

Asiel - "the work of God"

Askelon - "weight; balance; fire of infamy"

Asnapper - "unhappiness; increase of danger"

Asriel - "help of God"

Assir - "prisoner; fettered"

Asshurim - "liers in want; beholders"

Assos - "approaching; coming near"

Assur - same as Ashur

- "country of Assur or Ashur"

- "gatherings"

Asyncritus - "incomparable"

Atad - "a thorn"

Atarah - "a crown"

Ataroth - "crowns"

Ataroth-addar - "crowns of power"

Ater - "left hand; shut"

Athach - "thy time"

Athaiah - "the Lord's time"

Athaliah - "the time of the Lord"

Athlai - "my hour or time"

Attai - same as Athlai

- "that increases or sends"

Attalus - "increased, nourished"

Augustus - "increased, augmented"

Ava or Ivah - "iniquity"

Aven - "iniquity; force; riches; sorrow"

Avim - "wicked or perverse men"

Avith - "wicked, perverse"

Azaliah - "near the Lord"

Azaniah - "hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons"

Azareel - "help of God"

Azariah - "he that hears the Lord"

Azaz - "strong one"

Azazel - "the scape-goat"

Azaziah - "strength of the Lord"

Azekah - "strength of walls"

Azgad - "a strong army; a gang of robbers"

Azmaveth - "strong death; a he-goat"

Azmon - "bone of a bone; our strength"

Aznoth-tabor - "the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition"

Azor - "a helper; a court"

Azotus - the same as Ashdod

- same as Asriel

- "help, revenging"

Azubah - "forsaken"

Azur - "he that assists or is assisted"

Azzan - "their strength"

Azzur - same as Azur

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Baal - "master; lord"

Baalah - "her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse"

Baalath - "a rejoicing; our proud lord"

Baalath-beer - "subjected pit"

Baal-berith - "idol of the covenant"

Baale - same as Baalath

- "idol of fortune or felicity"

Baal-hamon - "who rules a crowd"

Baal-hermon - "possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed"

Baali - "my idol; lord over me"

Baalim - "idols; masters; false gods"

Baalis - "a rejoicing; a proud lord"

Baal-meon - "idol or master of the house"

Baal-peor - "master of the opening"

Baal-perazim - "god of divisions"

Baal-shalisha - "the god that presides over three; the third idol"

Baal-tamar - "master of the palm-tree"

Baal-zebub - "god of the fly"

Baal-zephon - "the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret"

Baanah - "in the answer; in affliction"

Baara - "a flame; purging"

Baaseiah - "in making; in pressing together"

Baasha - "he that seeks, or lays waste"

Babel - "confusion; mixture"

Babylon - same as Babel

- "a mulberry-tree"

Bahurim - "choice; warlike; valiant"

Bajith - "a house"

Balaam - "the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people"

Baladan - "one without judgment"

Balak - "who lays waste or destroys"

Bamah - "an eminence or high place"

Barabbas - "son of shame, confusion"

Barachel - "that bows before God"

Barachias - same as Barachel

- "thunder, or in vain"

Barjesus - "son of Jesus or Joshua"

Barjona - "son of a Jona; of a dove"

Barnabas - "son of the prophet, or of consolation"

Barsabas - "son of return; son of rest"

Bartholomew - "a son that suspends the waters"

Bartimeus - "son of the honorable"

Baruch - "who is blessed"

Barzillai - "son of contempt; made of iron"

Bashan - "in the tooth, in ivory"

Bashemath - "perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation"

Bathsheba - "the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety"

Bathsuha - same as Bathsheba

- "the god of an idol; in an assembly"

Bealoth - "cast under"

Bebai - "void, empty"

Becher - "first begotten; first fruits"

Bechorath - "first fruits"

Bedad - "alone; solitary"

Bedaiah - "the only Lord"

Bedeiah - "the only Lord"

Bedan - "according to judgment"

Beeliada - "an open idol"

Beelzebub - same as Baalzebub

- "a well"

Beera - "a well; declaring"

Beerelim - "the well of Elim, or of rains"

Beeri - "my well"

Beer-lahai-roi - "the well of him that liveth and seeth me"

Beeroth - "wells; explaining"

Beersheba - "the well of an oath; the seventh well"

Behemoth - "beasts"

Bekah - "half a shekel"

Belah - "destroying"

Belial - "wicked, worthless"

Belshazzar - "master of the treasure"

Belteshazzar - "who lays up treasures in secret"

Ben - "a son"

Benaiah - "son of the Lord"

Ben-ammi - "son of my people"

Beneberak - "sons of lightning"

Bene-jaakan - "sons of sorrow"

Benhadad - "son of Hadad, or noise"

Benhail - "son of strength"

Benhanan - "son of grace"

Benjamin - "son of the right hand"

Benimi - "our sons"

Beno - "his son"

Benoni - "son of my sorrow, or pain"

Benzoheth - "son of separation"

Beon - "in affliction"

Beor - "burning; foolish; mad"

Bera - "a well; declaring"

Berachah - "blessing; bending the knee"

Berachiah - "speaking well of the Lord"

Beraiah - "the choosing of the Lord"

Berea - "heavy; weighty"

Bered - "hail"

Beri - "my son; my corn"

Beriah - "in fellowship; in envy"

Berith - "covenant"

Bernice - "one that brings victory"

Berodach-baladan - "the son of death"

Berothai - "wells; a cypress"

Berothath - "of a well"

Besai - "a despising; dirty"

Besodeiah - "counsel of the Lord"

Besor - "glad news; incarnation"

Betah - "confidence"

Beten - "belly"

Bethabara - "the house of confidence"

Bethanath - "house of affliction"

Bethany - "the house of song; the house of affliction"

Betharabah - "house of sweet smell"

Beth-aram - "house of height"

Beth-aven - "the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble"

Beth-azmaveth - "house of death's strength"

Beth-baalmeon - "an idol of the dwelling-place"

Beth-barah - "the chosen house"

Beth-birei - "the house of my Creator, the house of my health"

Beth-car - "the house of the lamb"

Beth-dagon - "the house of corn, or of fish"

Beth-diblathaim - "house of dry figs"

Beth-el - "the house of God"

Bethemek - "house of deepness"

Bether - "division, or in the trial"

Bethesda - "house of pity or mercy"

Beth-ezal - "a neighbor's house"

Beth-gader - "a house for a mouse"

Beth-gamul - "house of recompense, or of the camel"

Beth-haccerem - "house of the vineyard"

Beth-haran - "house of grace"

Beth-horon - "house of wrath"

Beth-lebaoth - "house of lionesses"

Beth-lehem - "house of bread"

Beth-marcaboth - "house of bitterness wiped out"

Beth-meon - "house of the dwelling-place"

Beth-nimrah - "house of rebellion"

Beth-palet - "house of expulsion"

Beth-pazzez - "house of dividing asunder"

Beth-peor - "house of gaping, or opening"

Bethphage - "house of my month, or of early figs"

Beth-phelet - same as Beth-palet

- "house of health"

Bethsaida - "house of fruits, or of food, or of snares"

Bethshan or Beth-shean - "house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep"

Beth-shemesh - "house of the sun"

Bethuel - "filiation of God"

Beth-zur - "house of a rock"

Betonim - "bellies"

Beulah - "married"

Bezai - "eggs"

Bezaleel - "in the shadow of God"

Bezek - "lightning; in the chains"

Bezer - "vine branches"

Bichri - "first-born; first fruits"

Bidkar - "in compunction, or sharp pain"

Bigthan - "in the press; giving meat"

Bigvai - "in my body"

Bildad - "old friendship"

Bileam - "the ancient of the people; the devourer"

Bilgah - "ancient countenance"

Bilhah or Bilhan - "who is old or confused"

Bilshan - "in the tongue"

Binea - "son of the Lord"

Binnui - "building"

Birsha - "an evil; a son who beholds"

Bishlam - "in peace"

Bithiah - "daughter of the Lord"

Bithron - "divisions"

Bithynia - "violent precipitation"

Bizjothjah - "despite"

Blastus - "that buds or brings forth"

Boanerges - "son of thunder"

Boaz or Booz - "in strength"

Bocheru - "the first born"

Bochim - "the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees"

Bohan - "in them"

Boskath - "in poverty"

Boson - "taking away"

Bozez - "mud; bog"

Bozrah - "in tribulation or distress"

Bukki - "void"

Bukkiah - "the dissipation of the Lord"

Bul - "old age; perishing"

Bunah - "building; understanding"

Bunni - "building me"

Buz - "despised; plundered"

Buzi - "my contempt"

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Cabbon - "as though understanding"

Cabul - "displeasing; dirty"

Caiphas - "he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth"

Cain - "possession, or possessed"

Cainan - "possessor; purchaser"

Calah - "favorable; opportunity"

Calcol - "nourishing"

Caleb - "a dog; a crow; a basket"

Caleb-Ephratah - see Ephratah

Calneh - "our consummation"

Calno - "our consummation; altogether himself"

Calvary - "the place of a skull"

Camon - "his resurrection"

Cana - "zeal; jealousy; possession"

Canaan - "merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues"

Candace - "who possesses contrition"

Capernaum - "the field of repentance; city of comfort"

Caphtor - "a sphere, buckle, or hand"

Cappadocia - the same as Caphtor

- "the covering of a lamb"

Charchemish - "a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn"

Careah - "bald; ice"

Carmel - "circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn"

Carmi - "my vineyard; lamb of the waters"

Carpus - "fruit; fruitful"

Carshena - "a lamb; sleeping"

Casiphia - "money; covetousness"

Casluhim - "hopes of life"

Cedron - "black; sad"

Cenchrea - "millet; small pulse"

Cephas - "a rock or stone"

Cesar - "a name applied to those who are cut out of the womb"

Chalcol - "who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole"

Chaldea - "as demons, or as robbers"

Charran - "a singing or calling out"

Chebar - "force or strength"

Chedorlaomer - "roundness of a sheaf"

Chelal - "as night"

Chelub - "a basket"

Chelluh - "all"

Chelubai - "he altogether against me"

Chemarims - "black ones"

Chemosh - "handling; stroking; taking away"

Chenaanah - "broken in pieces"

Chenani - "my pillar"

Chenaniah - "preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the Lord"

Chephirah - "a little lioness"

Cheran - "anger"

Cherethims or Cherethites - "who cut or tear away"

Cherith - "cutting; piercing; slaying"

Chesed - "as a devil, or a destroyer"

Chesil - "foolishness"

Chesulloth - "fearfulness"

Chidon - "a dart"

Chiliab - "totality; or the perfection of the father"

Chilion - "finished; complete; perfect"

Chilmad - "teaching or learning"

Chimham - "as they; like to them"

Chios - "open; opening"

Chisleu, Cisleu, Casleu - "rashness; confidence"

Chislon - "hope, trust"

Chisloth-tabor - "fears; purity"

Chittem - "those that bruise; gold"

Chloe - "green herb"

Chorazin - "the secret; here is a mystery"

Chozeba - "men liers in wait"

Christ - "anointed"

Chun - "making ready"

Chushan-rishathaim - "blackness of iniquities"

Chuza - "the seer or prophet"

Cilicia - "which rolls or overturns"

Cis - same as Kish

Clauda - "a lamentable voice"

Claudia or Claudius - "lame"

Clement - "mild; good; merciful"

Cleophas - "the whole glory"

Cnidus - "age"

Colhozeh - "every prophet"

Colosse - "punishment; correction"

Coniah - "strength of the Lord"

Coos - "top, summit"

Corinth - "which is satisfied; ornament; beauty"

Cornelius - "of a horn"

Cosam - "divining"

Coz - "a thorn"

Cozbi - "a liar; sliding away"

Crescens - "growing; increasing"

Crete - "carnal; fleshly"

Crispus - "curled"

Cush, Cushan, Cushi - "Ethiopians; blackness"

Cuth or Cuthah - "burning"

Cyprus - "fair; fairness"

Cyrene - "a wall; coldness; the floor"

Cyrenius - "who governs"

Cyrus - "as miserable; as heir"

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Dabareh - "the word; the thing; a bee; obedient"

Dabbasheth - "flowing with honey"

Daberath - same as Dabareh

- "corn; a fish"

Dalaiah - "the poor of the Lord"

Dalmanutha - "a bucket; a branch"

Dalmatia - "deceitful lamps; vain brightness"

Dalphon - "the house of caves"

Damaris - "a little woman"

Damascus - "a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning"

Dan - "judgment; he that judges"

Daniel - "judgment of God; God my judge"

Dannah - "judging"

Darah - "generation; house of the shepherd or of the companion"

Darda - "home of knowledge"

Darius - "he that informs himself"

Darkon - "of generation; of possession"

Dathan - "laws or rites"

David - "well-beloved, dear"

Debir - "an orator; a word"

Deborah - "word; thing; a bee"

Decapolis - "containing ten cities"

Dedan - "their breasts; friendship; a judge"

Dedanim - "the descendants of Dedan"

- "force"

Delaiah - "the poor of the Lord"

Delilah - "poor; small; head of hair"

Demas - "popular"

Demetrius - "belonging to corn, or to Ceres"

Derbe - "a sting"

Deuel - "the knowledge of God"

Deuteronomy - "repetition of the law"

Diana - "luminous, perfect"

Diblaim - "cluster of figs"

Diblath - "paste of dry figs"

Dibon - "abundance of knowledge"

Dibon-gad - "great understanding; abundance of sons"

Dibri - "an orator"

Dibzahab or Dizahab - "where much gold is"

Didymus - "a twin; double"

Diklah or Dildah - "his diminishing"

Dilean - "that is poor"

Dimon - "where it is red"

Dimonah - "dunghill"

Dinah - "judgment; who judges"

Dinhabah - "he gives judgment"

Dionysius - "divinely touched"

Diotrephes - "nourished by Jupiter"

Dishan - "a threshing"

Dishon - "fatness; ashes"

Dodai - "or"

Dodanim - "beloved"

Dodavah - "love"

Dodo - "his uncle"

Doeg - "careful, who acts with uneasiness"

Dophkah - "a knocking"

Dor - "generation, habitation"

Dorcas - "a female roe-deer"

Dothan - "the law; custom"

Drusilla - "watered by the dew"

Dumali - "silence; resemblance"

Dura - same as Dor

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Ebal - "ancient heaps"

Ebed - "a servant; laborer"

Ebed-melech - "the king's servant"

Eben-ezer - "the stone of help"

Eber - "one that passes; anger"

Ebiasaph - "a father that gathers or adds"

Ebronah - "passage over; being angry"

Ecclesiastes - "a preacher"

Ed - "witness"

Eden - "pleasure; delight"

Eder - "a flock"

Edom - "red, earthy; of blood"

Edrei - "a very great mass, or cloud"

Eglah - "heifer; chariot; round"

Eglaim - "drops of the sea"

Eglon - same as Eglah

- "that troubles or oppresses; anguish"

Ehud - "he that praises"

Eker - "barren, feeble"

Ekron - "barrenness; torn away"

Eladah - "the eternity of God"

Elah - "an oak; a curse; perjury"

Elam - "a young man; a virgin; a secret"

Elasah - "the doings of God"

Elath - "a hind; strength; an oak"

El-beth-el - "the God of Bethel"

Eldaah - "knowledge of God"

Eldad - "favored of God; love of God"

Elead - "witness of God"

Elealeh - "burnt-offering of God"

Eleazar - "help of God, court of God"

El-elohe-Israel - "God, the God of Israel"

Eleph - "learning"

Elhanan - "grace, or gift, or mercy of God"

Eli - "the offering or lifting up"

Eli - "my God, my God"

Eliab - "God is my father; God is the father"

Eliada - "knowledge of God"

Eliah - "God the Lord"

Eliahba - "my God the Father"

Eliakim - "resurrection of God"

Eliam - "the people of God"

Elias - same as Elijah

- "the Lord increaseth"

Eliashib - "the God of conversion"

Eliathah - "thou art my God"

Elidad - "beloved of God"

Eliel - "God, my God"

Elienai - "the God of my eyes"

Eliezer - "help, or court, of my God"

Elihoreph - "god of winter, or of youth"

Elihu - "he is my God himself"

Elijah - "God the Lord, the strong Lord"

Elika - "pelican of God"

Elim - "the rams; the strong; stags"

Elimelech - "my God is king"

Elioenai - "toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains"

Eliphal - "a miracle of God"

Eliphalet - "the God of deliverance"

Eliphaz - "the endeavor of God"

Elisabeth or Elizabeth - "the oath, or fullness, of God"

Elisha - "salvation of God"

Elishah - "it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help"

Elishama - "God hearing"

Elishaphat - "my God judgeth"

Elisheba - same as Elisabeth

- "God is my salvation"

Eliud - "God is my praise"

Elizur - "God is my strength; my rock; rock of God"

Elkanah - "God the zealous; the zeal of God"

Elkeshai - "hardiness or rigor of God"

Ellasar - "revolting from God"

Elkoshite - "a man of Elkeshai"

- "the God of measure, or of the garment"

Elnaam - "God's fairness"

Elnathan - "God hath given; the gift of God"

Elohi or Elohim - "God"

Elon - "oak; grove; strong"

Elon-beth-hanan - "the house of grace or mercy"

Elpaal - "God's work"

Elpalet - same as Eliphalet

- "of grace or mercy"

Elteketh - "the case of God"

Eltolad - "the generation of God"

Elul - "cry or outcry"

Eluzai - "God is my strength"

Elymas - "a magician, a corrupter"

Elzabad - "the dowry of God"

Elzaphan - "God of the northeast wind"

Emims - "fears; terrors; formidable; people"

Emmanuel - "God with us"

Emmaus - "people despised or obscure"

Emmor - "an ass"

Enam - "fountain, open place"

Enan - "cloud"

En-dor - "fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation"

Eneas - "laudable"

En-eglaim - "eye, or fountain, of calves"

En-gannim - "eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens"

En-gedi - "eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness"

En-haddah - "quick sight; well of gladness"

En-hakkore - "fountain of him that called or prayed"

En-hazor - "the grass of the well"

En-mishpat - "fountain of judgment"

Enoch - "dedicated; disciplined"

Enon - "cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye"

Enos - "mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful"

En-rimmon - "well of weight"

En-rogel - "the fuller's fountain; the well of searching"

En-shemesh - "fountain, or eye, of the sun"

En-tappuah - "fountain of an apple, or of inflation"

Epaphras - "covered with foam"

Epaphroditus - "agreeable; handsome"

Epenetus - "laudable; worthy of praise"

Ephah - "weary; tired"

Epher - "dust; lead"

Ephes-dammim - "effusion of blood"

Ephesus - "desirable"

Eph-lal - "judging; praying"

Ephphatha - "be opened"

Ephraim - "fruitful; increasing"

Ephratah or Ephrath - "abundance; bearing fruit"

Ephron - "dust"

Epicurean - "follower of"

Epicurus - "of one who gives assistance"

Er - "watchman"

Eran - "follower"

Erastus - "lovely, amiable"

Erech - "length; health; physic"

Eri - "my city"

Esaias - same as Isaiah

Esar-haddon - "that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness"

Esau - "he that acts or finishes"

Esek - "contention"

Esh-baal - "the fire of the idol, or of the ruler"

Esh-ban - "fire of the sun"

Eshcol - "bunch of grapes"

Eshean - "held up"

Eshek - "violence, force"

Eshkalon - same as Askelon

Eshtaol - "a strong woman"

Eshtemoa - "the bosom of a woman"

Esli - "near me; he who separates"

Esmachiah - "joined to the Lord"

Esrom - "dart of joy; division of a song"

Esther - "secret; hidden"

Etam - "their bird, their covering"

Etham - "their strength; their sign"

Ethan - "strong; the gift of the island"

Ethanim - "strong; valiant"

Ethbaal - "toward the idol, or with Baal"

Ether - "talk"

Ethiopia - "blackness; heat"

Ethnan - "gift"

Ethni - "strong"

Eubulus - "prudent; good counselor"

Eunice - "good victory"

Euodias - "sweet scent"

Euphrates - "that makes fruitful"

Eutychus - "happy; fortunate"

Eve - "living; enlivening"

Evi - "unjust"

Evil-merodach - "the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly"

Exodus - "going out, departure"

Ezbon - "hastening to understand"

Ezekiel - "the strength of God"

Ezel - "going abroad; walk"

Ezem - "a bone"

Ezer - "a help"

Ezion-geber - "the wood of the man"

Ezra - "help; court"

Ezri - "my help"

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Felix - "happy, prosperous"

Festus - "festive, joyful"

Fortunatus - "lucky, fortunate"

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Gaal - "contempt; abomination"

Gaash - "tempest; commotion"

Gabbai - "the back"

Gabbatha - "high; elevated"

Gabriel - "God is my strength"

Gad - "a band; a troop"

Gadarenes - "men of"

Gadara - "a place surrounded or walled"

Gaddi - "my troop; a kid"

Gaddiel - "goat of God; the Lord my happiness"

Gaius - "lord; an earthly man"

Galal - "a roll, a wheel"

Galatia - "white; the color of milk"

Galeed - "the heap of witness"

Galilee - "wheel; revolution"

Gallim - "who heap up; who cover"

Gallio - "who sucks, or lives on milk"

Gamaliel - "recompense of God; camel of God"

Gammadims - "dwarfs"

Gamul - "a recompense"

Gareb - "a scab"

Garmites - "men of"

Garmi - "bones, or, my cause"

Gatam - "their lowing; their touch"

Gath - "a wine-press"

Gath-rimmon - "the high wine-press"

Gaza - "strong; a goat"

Gazabar - "a treasurer"

Gazer - "a dividing; a sentence"

Gazez - "a passing over"

Gazzam - "the fleece of them"

Geba - "a hill; cup"

Gebal - "bound; limit"

Geber - "manly, strong"

Gebim - "grasshoppers; height"

Gedaliah - "God is my greatness"

Geder,Gederah, Gederoth - "a wall"

Gederothaim - "hedges"

Gehazi - "valley of sight"

Geliloth - "rolling, wheel, heap"

Gemalli - "wares; a camel"

Gemariah - "accomplishment or perfection of the Lord"

Gennesaret - "garden of the prince"

Genesis - "beginning"

Genubath - "theft; robbery"

Gera - "pilgrimage; combat; dispute"

Gerar - same as Gera

Gergesenes - "those who come from pilgrimage or fight"

Gerizim - "cutters, hatchets"

Gershom - "a stranger here"

Gershon - "his banishment; the change of pilgrimage"

Geshur or Geshuri - "sight of the valley; a walled valley"

Gether - "the vale of trial or searching"

Gethsemane - "a very fat or plentiful vale"

Geuel - "God's redemption"

Gezer - "dividing, sentence"

Giah - "to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh"

Gibbar - "strong, manly"

Gibbethon - "a back; a high house"

Gibeah - "a hill"

Gibeon - "hill; cup; thing lifted up"

Giddel - "great"

Gideon - "he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer"

Gideoni - same as Gideon

- "valley of grace"

Gilalai - "a wheel"

Gilboa - "revolution of inquiry"

Gilead - "the heap or mass of testimony"

Gilgal - "wheel; rolling; heap"

Giloh - "he that rejoices; he that overturns"

Gimzo - "that bulrush"

Ginath or Ginnetho - "a garden"

Girgashite - "who arrives from pilgrimage"

Gispa - "coming hither"

Gittah-hepher - "digging; a wine-press"

Gittaim - "a wine-press"

Gittites - "men of"

Gath - "of a winepress"

Goath - "his touching; his roaring"

Gob - "cistern; grasshopper"

Gog - "roof; covering"

Golan - "passage; revolution"

Golgotha - "a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped"

Goliath - "passage; revolution; heap"

Gomer - "to finish; complete"

Gomorrah - "rebellious people"

Goshen - "approaching; drawing near"

Gozan - "fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body"

Gudgodah - "happiness"

Guni - "a garden; a covering"

Gur - "the young of a beast; a whelp"

Gur-baal - "the governor's whelp"

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Haahashtari - "a runner"

Habaiah - "the hiding of the Lord"

Habakkuk - "he that embraces; a wrestler"

Habazinaiah - "a hiding of the shield of the Lord"

Habor - "a partaker; a companion"

Hachaliah - "who waits for the Lord"

Hachilah - "my hope is in her"

Hachmoni - "a wise man"

Hadad - "joy; noise; clamor"

Hadadezer - "beauty of assistance"

Hadadrimmon - "invocation to the god Rimmon"

Hadar - "power; greatness"

Hadarezer - same as Hadadezer

- "news; a month"

Hadassah - "a myrtle; joy"

Hadid - "rejoicing; sharp"

Hadlai - "loitering; hindering"

Hadoram - "their beauty; their power"

Hadrach - "point; joy of tenderness"

Hagab or Hagabah - "a grasshopper"

Hagar - "a stranger; one that fears"

Haggai - "feast; solemnity"

Haggeri or Haggi - "a stranger"

Haggiah - "the Lord's feast"

Haggith - "rejoicing"

Hakkatan - "little"

Hakkoz - "a thorn; summer; an end"

Hakupha - "a commandment of the mouth"

Halah - "a moist table"

Halak - "part"

Halhul - "grief; looking for grief"

Hali - "sickness; a beginning; a precious stone"

Hallelujah - "praise the Lord"

Halloesh - "saying nothing; an enchanter"

Ham - "hot; heat; brown"

Haman - "noise; tumult"

Hamath - "anger; heat; a wall"

Hamath-zobah - "the heat, or the wall, of an army"

Hammedatha - "he that troubles the law"

Hammelech - "a king; a counselor"

Hammon - "heat; the sun"

Hamonah - "his multitude; his uproar"

Hamon-gog - "the multitude of Gog"

Hamor - "an ass; clay; dirt"

Hamoth - "indignation"

Hamul - "godly; merciful"

Hamutal - "the shadow of his heat"

Hanameel - "the grace that comes from God; gift of God"

Hanan - "full of grace"

Hananeel - "grace, or gift, of God"

Hanani - "my grace; my mercy"

Hananiah - "grace; mercy; gift of the Lord"

Hanes - "banishment of grace"

Haniel - "the gift of God"

Hannah - "gracious; merciful; he that gives"

Hannathon - "the gift of grace"

Hanniel - "grace or mercy of God"

Hanoch - "dedicated"

Hanun - "gracious; merciful"

Hapharaim - "searching; digging"

Hara - "a hill; showing forth"

Haradah - "well of great fear"

Haran - "mountainous country"

Harran - see Charran

Harbonah - "his destruction; his sword"

Hareph - "winter; reproach"

Harhas - "anger; heat of confidence"

Harhaiah - "heat, or anger, of the Lord"

Harhur - "made warm"

Harim - "destroyed; dedicated to God"

Harnepher - "the anger of a bull; increasing heat"

Harod - "astonishment; fear"

Harosheth - "a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence"

Harsha - "workmanship; a wood"

Harum - "high; throwing down"

Harumaph - "destruction"

Haruphite - "slender; sharp"

Haruz - "careful"

Hasadiah - "the mercy of the Lord"

Hashabiah - "the estimation of the Lord"

Hashabnah or Hashabniah - "the silence of the Lord"

Hashem - "named; a putting to"

Hashub - "esteemed; numbered"

Hashubah - "estimation; thought"

Hashum - "silence; their hasting"

Hashupha - "spent; made base"

Hasrah - "wanting"

Hatach - "he that strikes"

Hathath - "fear"

Hatita - "a bending of sin"

Hattil - "howling for sin"

Hattipha - "robbery"

Hattush - "forsaking sin"

Hauran - "a hole; liberty; whiteness"

Havilah - "that suffers pain; that brings forth"

Havoth-jair - "the villages that enlighten"

Hazael - "that sees God"

Hazaiah - "seeing the Lord"

Hazar-addar - "an imprisoned generation"

Hazarenan - "imprisoned cloud"

Hazargaddah - "imprisoned band"

Hazar-hatticon - "middle village; preparation"

Hazarmaveth - "dwelling of death"

Hazar-shual - "a wolf's house"

Hazar-susah or Susim - "the hay-paunch of a horse"

Hazelelponi - "sorrow of countenance"

Hazeroth - "villages; palaces"

Hazezon-tamar - "drawing near to bitterness"

Hazo - "seeing; prophesying"

Hazor - "court; hay"

Heber - "one that passes; anger"

Hebrews - "descendants of Heber"

- "society; friendship"

Hegai or Hege - "meditation; word; groaning; separation"

Helam - "their army; their trouble"

Helbah or Helbon - "milk, fatness"

Heldai, Heleb,Heled - "the world; rustiness"

Helek - "part; portion"

Helem - "dreaming; healing"

Heleph - "changing; passing over"

Helez - "armed; set free"

Heli - "ascending; climbing up"

Helkai - same as Helek

- "the field of strong men, or of rocks"

Helon - "window; grief"

Heman - "their trouble; tumult; much; in great number"

Hen - "grace; quiet; rest"

Hena - "troubling"

Henadad - "grace of the beloved"

Henoch - same as Enoch

Hepher - "a digger"

Hephzibah - "my delight is in her"

Heres - "the son; an earthen pot"

Heresh - "a carpenter"

Hermas or Hermes - "Mercury; gain; refuge"

Hermogenes - "begotten of Mercury"

Hermon - "anathema; devoted to destruction"

Herod - "son of a hero"

Herodion - "the song of Juno"

Heshbon - "invention; industry"

Heshmon - "a hasty messenger"

Heth - "trembling; fear"

Hethlon - "a fearful dwelling"

Hezekiah - "strength of the Lord"

Hezer or Hezir - "a bog; converted"

Hezrai - "an entry or vestibule"

Hezron - "the dart of joy; the division of the song"

Hiddai - "a praise; a cry"

Hiddekel - "sharp voice; sound"

Hiel - "God lives; the life of God"

Hierapolis - "holy city"

Higgaion - "meditation; consideration"

Hilen - "a window; grief"

Hilkiah - "God is my portion"

Hillel - "he that praises"

Hinnom - "there they are; their riches"

Hirah - "liberty; anger"

Hiram - "exaltation of life; a destroyer"

Hittite - "one who is broken; who fears"

Hivites - "wicked; wickedness"

Hizkijah - "the strength of the Lord"

Hobab - "favored; beloved"

Hobah - "love; friendship; secrecy"

Hod - "praise; confession"

Hodaiah - "the praise of the Lord"

Hodaviah, Hodiah, Hodijah - same as Hodaiah

- "a table; news"

Hoglah - "his festival or dance"

Hoham - "woe to them"

Holon - "a window; grief"

Homam - "making an uproar"

Hophin - "he that covers; my fist"

Hor - "who conceives, or shows; a hill"

Horam - "their hill"

Horeb - "desert; solitude; destruction"

Horem - "an offering dedicated to God"

Hor-hagidgad - "the hill of felicity"

Hori - "a prince; freeborn"

Horims - "princes; being angry"

Hormah - "devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction"

Horonaim - "angers; ragings"

Horonites - "men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty"

Hosah - "trusting"

Hosanna - "save I pray thee; keep; preserve"

Hosea or Hoshea - "savior; safety"

Hoshaiah - "the salvation of the Lord"

Hoshama - "heard; he obeys"

Hotham - "a seal"

Hothir - "excelling; remaining"

Hukkok - "engraver; scribe; lawyer"

Hul - "pain; infirmity"

Huldah - "the world"

Hupham - "their chamber; their bank"

Huppim - "a chamber covered; the sea-shore"

Hur - "liberty; whiteness; hole"

Huram - "their liberty; their whiteness; their hole"

Huri - "being angry;" or same as Huram

- "hasting; holding peace"

Hushai - "their haste; their sensuality; their silence"

Hushathite or Hushim - "man of haste, or of silence"

Huz - "counsel; woods; fastened"

Huzoth - "streets; populous"

Huzzab - "molten"

Hymeneus - "nuptial; the god of marriage"

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Ibhar - "election; he that is chosen"

Ibleam - "ancient people; people decreasing"

Ibneiah or Ibniah - "the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption"

Ibri - "passing over; being angry; being with young"

Ibzan - "father of a target; father of coldness"

Ichabod - "where is the glory? or, no glory"

Iconium - "coming"

Idalah - "the hand of slander, or of cursing"

Idbash - "flowing with honey; the land of destruction"

Iddo - "his band; power; praise"

Idumea - "red; earthy; bloody"

Igal - "redeemed; defiled"

Igeal - "a redeemer; redeemed; defiled"

Igdaliah - "the greatness of the Lord"

Iim - "heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men"

Ije-abarim - "heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over"

Ijon - "look; eye; fountain"

Ikkesh - "forward; wicked"

Illyricum - "joy; rejoicing"

Imlah - "plentitude; circumcision"

Immanuel - "God with us"

Immer - "saying; speaking; a lamb"

Imnah - same as Jimnah

Imrah - "a rebel; waxing bitter; changing"

Imri - "speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb"

India - "praise; law"

Iphedeiah - "redemption of the Lord"

Ir - "watchman; city; vision"

Ira - "watchman; making bare; pouring out"

Irad - "wild ass; heap of empire; dragon"

Iram - "the effusion of them; a high heap"

Iri - "fire; light"

Irijah - "the fear of the Lord"

Irpeel - "the health, medicine, or exulting of God"

Irshemesh - "a city of bondage"

Isaac - "laughter"

Isaiah - "the salvation of the Lord"

Iscah - "he that anoints"

Iscariot - "a man of murder; a hireling"

Ishbak - "who is empty or exhausted"

Ishbi-benob - "respiration; conversion; taking captive"

Ishbosheth - "a man of shame"

Ishi - "salvation"

Ishiah - "it is the Lord"

Ishma - "named; marveling; desolation"

Ishmael - "God that hears"

Ishmaiah - "hearing or obeying the Lord"

Ishmerai - "keeper, or keeping"

Ishod - "a comely man"

Ish-pan - "hid; broken in two"

Ish-tob - "good man"

Ishua - "plainness; equal"

Ishmachiah - "cleaving to the Lord"

Ispah - "a jasper stone"

Israel - "who prevails with God"

Issachar - "reward; recompense"

Isui - same as Ishuah

- "strong; my sign; a plowshare"

Italy - "abounding with calves or heifers"

Ithamar - "island of the palm-tree"

Ithiel - "sign, or coming of God"

Ithmah - "an orphan"

Ithran - "remaining; searching out diligently"

Ithream - "excellence of the people"

Ittah-kazin - "hour, or time, of a prince"

Iturea - "guarded; mountainous"

Ivah - "iniquity"

Izehar or Izhar - "clearness; oil"

Izrahiah - "the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord"

Izri - "fasting; tribulation"

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Jaakan - "tribulation; labor"

Jaakobah - "supplanter; deceiver; the heel"

Jaala - "ascending; a little doe or goat"

Jaalam - "hidden; young man; heir"

Jaanai - "answering; afflicting; making poor"

Jaasau - "doing; my doing"

Jaasiel - "God's work"

Jaazaniah - "whom the Lord will hear"

Jaazah or Jaazar - "helper"

Jaaziah or Jaaziel - "the strength of the Lord"

Jabal - "which glides away"

Jabbok - "evacuation; dissipation; wrestling"

Jabesh - "dryness; confusion; shame"

Jabez - "sorrow; trouble"

Jabin or Jabneh - "he that understands; building"

Jabneel - "building of God"

Jachan - "wearing out; oppressing"

Jachin - "he that strengthens and makes steadfast"

Jacob - "that supplants, undermines; the heel"

Jada - "knowing"

Jadau - "his hand; his confession"

Jaddua - "known"

Jael - "he that ascends; a kid"

Jagur - "husbandman; stranger"

Jah - "the everlasting"

Jahaleel - "praising God; light of God"

Jahath - "broken in pieces; descending"

Jahaz or Jahazah - "quarrel; dispute"

Jahaziah - "the vision of the Lord"

Jahaziel - "seeing God"

Jahdiel - "the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God"

Jahdo - "I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness"

Jahleel - "waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God"

Jahmai - "warm; making warm"

Jahzeel - "God hasteth, or divideth"

Jair or Jairus - "my light; who diffuses light"

Jakan - same as Achan

Jakim - "rising; confirming; establishing"

Jalon - "tarrying; murmuring"

Jambres - "poverty; bitter; a rebel"

James - same as Jacob

Jamin - "right hand; south wind"

Jamlech - "reigning; asking counsel"

Janna or Jannes - "who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor"

Janoah or Janohah - "resting; tarrying; deriving"

Janum - "sleeping"

Japhet - "enlarged; fair; persuading"

Japhia - "enlightening; appearing"

Japhlet or Japhleti - "delivered; banished"

Japho - "fairness; comeliness"

Jarah - "a wood; honeycomb; watching closely"

Jareb - "a revenger"

Jared - "a ruling; commanding; coming down"

Jaresiah - "the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; poverty"

Jarib - "fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging"

Jarmuth - "fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death"

Jarvah - "breathing, or making, a sweet smell"

Jashem or Jashen - "ancient; sleeping"

Jasher - "righteous; upright"

Jashobeam - "the people sitting; or captivity of the people"

Jashub - "a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place"

Jasiel - "the strength of God"

Jason - "he that cures"

Jathniel - "gift of God"

Jattir - "a remnant; excellent"

Javan - "deceiver; one who makes sad"

Jazeel - "strength of God"

Jazer - "assistance; helper"

Jaziz - "brightness; departing"

Jearim - "a leap; woods"

Jeaterai - "searching out"

Jeberechiah - "speaking well of, or kneeling to, the Lord"

Jebus - "treading under foot; manger"

Jebusi - "trodden under foot; mangers"

Jecamiah - "resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord"

Jecoliah - "perfection, or power, of the Lord"

Jeconiah - "preparation, or stability, of the Lord"

Jedaiah - "the hand of the Lord; confessing the Lord"

Jedeiah - "one Lord; the joy of the Lord"

Jediael - "the science, or knowledge, of God"

Jedidah - "well beloved; amiable"

Jedidiah - "beloved of the Lord"

Jediel - "the knowledge, or renewing, of God"

Jeduthun - "his law; giving praise"

Jeezer - "island of help"

Jegar-sahadutha - "heap of witness"

Jehaleleel or Jehalelel - "praising God; clearness of God"

Jehaziel - same as Jahaziel

- "joy together, one Lord"

Jeheiel - "God liveth"

Jehezekel - "strength of God"

Jehiah - "the Lord liveth"

Jehiskiah - "the strength, or taking, of the Lord"

Jehoadah - "passing over; testimony of the Lord"

Jehoaddan - "pleasure, or time, of the Lord"

Jehoahaz - "possession of the Lord"

Jehoash - "fire of the Lord"

Jehohanan - "grace, or mercy, or gift, of the Lord"

Jehoiachin - "preparation, or strength, of the Lord"

Jehoiada - "knowledge of the Lord"

Jehoiakim - "avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the Lord"

Jehoiarib - "fighting, or multiplying, of the Lord"

Jehonadab or Jonadab - "free giver; liberality"

Jehonathan - "gift of the Lord; gift of a dove"

Jehoram - "exaltation of the Lord"

Jehoshaphat - "the Lord is judge"

Jehosheba - "fullness, or oath, of the Lord"

Jehoshua - same as Joshua

- "self-subsisting"

Jehovah-jireh - "the Lord will provide"

Jehovah-nissi - "the Lord my banner"

Jehovah-shalom - "the Lord send peace"

Jehovah-shammah - "the Lord is there"

Jehovah-tsidkenu - "the Lord our righteousness"

Jehozabad - "the Lord's dowry; having a dowry"

Jehozadak - "justice of the Lord"

Jehu - "himself who exists"

Jehubbah - "hiding, binding"

Jehucal - "mighty; perfect; wasted"

Jehud or Jehudi - "praising; conferring"

Jehudijah - "the praise of the Lord"

Jehush - "keeping counsel; fastened"

Jekabzeel - "the congregation of God"

Jekamean - "the people shall arise"

Jekamiah - "establishing, or revenging, of the Lord"

Jekuthiel - "hope, or congregation, of the Lord"

Jemima - "handsome as the day"

Jemuel - "God's day; son of God"

Jephunneh - "he that beholds"

Jerah - "the moon; month; smelling sweet"

Jerahmeel - "the mercy, or the beloved, of God"

Jered - "ruling; coming down"

Jeremai - "my height; throwing forth waters"

Jeremiah - "exaltation of the Lord"

Jeremoth - "eminences; one that fears death"

Jeriah - "fear, or throwing down, of the Lord"

Jerebai - "fighting; chiding; multiplying"

Jericho - "his moon; his month; his sweet smell"

Jeriel - "fear, or vision of God"

Jerijah - same as Jeriah

- "he that fears or rejects death"

Jerioth - "kettles; breaking asunder"

Jeroboam - "he that opposes the people"

Jeroham - "high; merciful; beloved"

Jerubbaal - "he that defends Baal, let Baal defend his cause"

Jerubbesheth - "let the idol of confusion defend itself"

Jeruel - "fear, or vision of God"

Jerusalem - "vision of peace"

Jerusha - "banished; possession; inheritance"

Jesaiah - "health, or salvation, of the Lord"

Jeshebeab - "sitting, or captivity, of the father"

Jesher - "right; singing"

Jeshimon - "solitude; desolation"

Jeshishai - "ancient; rejoicing exceedingly"

Jeshohaia - "the Lord pressing; the meditation of God"

Jeshua - same as Joshua

Jesiah - "
sprinkling of the Lord"

Jesimiel - "naming, or astonishment, of God"

Jesse - "gift; oblation; one who is"

Jesui - "even-tempered; flat country"

Jesus - "savior; deliverer"

Jether - "he that excels"

Jetheth - "giving"

Jethlah - "hanging up; heaping up"

Jethro - "his excellence; his posterity"

Jetur - "order; succession; mountainous"

Jeuel - "God hath taken away; God heaping up"

Jeush or Jeuz - "he that is devoured"

Jew - same as Judah

Jezaniah - "
nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord"

Jezebel - "chaste"

Jezer - "island of help"

Jeziah or Jeziel - "sprinkling of the Lord"

Jezoar - "clear; white"

Jezrahiah - "the Lord arises; brightness of the Lord"

Jezneel - "seed of God"

Jibsam - "their drought, their confusion"

Jidlaph - "he that distills water"

Jimnah - "right hand; numbering; preparing"

Jiphtah - "opening"

Jiphthael - "God opening"

Joab - "paternity; voluntary"

Joah - "fraternity; brother of the Lord"

Joahaz - "apprehending; possessing; seeing"

Joakim - "rising or establishing of the Lord"

Joanna - "grace or gift of the Lord"

Joash - "who despairs or burns"

Joatham - same as Jotham

Job - "he that weeps or cries"

Jobab - "sorrowful, hated"

Jochebed - "glorious; honorable"

Joed - "witnessing; robbing; passing over"

Joel - "he that wills or commands"

Joelah - "lifting up; profiting; taking away slander"

Joezer - "he that aids"

Jogbehah - "an exalting; high"

Jogli - "passing over; turning back; rejoicing"

Joha - "who enlivens or gives life"

Johanan - "who is liberal or merciful"

John - "the grace or mercy of the Lord"

Joiarib - "chiding, or multiplying, of the Lord"

Jokdeam - "crookedness, or burning, of the people"

Jokim - "that made the sun stand still"

Jokmeam - "confirmation, or revenge, of the people"

Jokneam - "possessing, or building up, of the people"

Jokshan - "an offense; hardness; a knocking"

Joktan - "small dispute; contention; disgust"

Jonadab - "who gives liberally"

Jonah or Jonas - "a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer"

Jonan - "a dove; multiplying of the people"

Jonathan - "given of God"

Joppa - "beauty; comeliness"

Jorah or Jorai - "showing; casting forth; a cauldron"

Joram - "to cast; elevated"

Jordan - "the river of judgment"

Jorim - "he that exalts the Lord"

Josabad - "having a dowry"

Josaphat - same as Jehoshaphat

Jose - "
raised; who pardons"

Joseph - "increase; addition"

Joses - same as Jose

Joshah - "
being; forgetting; owing"

Joshaviah - "the seat, alteration, or captivity of the Lord"

Joshbekesha - "it is requiring or beseeching"

Joshua - "a savior; a deliverer"

Josiah - "the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord"

Josibiah - "the seat, or captivity of the Lord"

Josiphiah - "increase of the Lord; the Lord's finishing"

Jotham - "the perfection of the Lord"

Jothath or Jothatha - "his goodness"

Jozabad - same as Josabad

Jozachar - "
remembering; of the male sex"

Jubal - "he that runs; a trumpet"

Jucal - "mighty; perfect"

Judah - "the praise of the Lord; confession"

Judas or Jude - same as Judah

or Judea - same as Judah

Judith -
same as Judah

Julia - "downy; soft and tender hair"

Julius - same as Julia

Junia - "

Jupiter - "the father that helpeth"

Jushabhesed - "dwelling-place; change of mercy"

Justus - "just or upright"

Juttah - "turning away"

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Kabzeel - "the congregation of God"

Kadesh - "holiness"

Kadesh-barnea - "holiness of an inconstant son"

Kadmiel - "God of antiquity; God of rising"

Kadmonites - "ancients; chiefs"

Kallai - "light; resting by fire; my voice"

Kanah - "of reeds"

Kareah - "bald; ice"

Karkaa - "floor; dissolving coldness"

Karkor - "they rested"

Karnaim - "horns"

Kartah - "calling; meeting"

Kedar - "blackness; sorrow"

Kedemah - "oriental; ancient; first"

Kedemoth - "antiquity; old age"

Kehelahath - "a whole; a congregation"

Keiiah - "she that divides or cuts"

Kelaiah - "voice of the Lord; gathering together"

Kelitah - same as Kelaiah

Kemuel - "
God hath raised up, or established him"

Kenah - "buying; possession"

Kenan - "buyer; owner"

Kenaz - "this purchase; this lamentation"

Kenites - "possession; purchase; lamentation"

Kenizzites - "possession; purchase"

Keren-happuch - "the horn or child of beauty"

Kerioth - "the cities; the callings"

Keros - "crooked; crookedness"

Keturah - "that makes the incense to fume"

Kezia - "superficies; the angle; cassia"

Keziz - "end; extremity"

Kibroth-hattaavah - "the graves of lust"

Kibzaim - "congregation"

Kidron - "obscure; making black or sad"

Kinah - same as Kenah

Kir - "
a city; wall; meeting"

Kirharaseth or Kirharesh - "city of the sun; wall of burnt brick"

Kirioth - same as Kerioth

Kirjath - "
city; vocation; meeting"

Kirjathaim - "the two cities; callings; or meetings"

Kirjath-arba - "city of four; fourth city"

Kirjath-arim - "city of those who watch"

Kirjath-baal - "city of Baal, or of a ruler"

Kirjath-huzoth - "city of streets; populous city"

Kirjath-jearim - "city of woods"

Kirjath-sannah - "city of enmity, or of a blackberry bush"

Kirjath-sepher - "city of letters, or of the book"

Kish - "hard; difficult; straw; for age"

Kishi - "hardness; his gravity; his offense"

Kishion - "hardness; soreness"

Kishon - "hard; sore"

Kithlish - "it is a wall; the company of a lioness"

Kitron - "making sweet; binding together"

Kittim - "breaking; bruising small; gold; coloring"

Koa - "hope; a congregation; a line; a rule"

Kohath - "congregation; wrinkle; bluntness"

Kolariah - "voice of the Lord"

Korah - "baldness; ice; frost"

Kushaiah - same as Kishi

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Laadah - "to assemble together; to testify; passing over"

Laadan - "for pleasure; devouring; judgment"

Laban - "white; shining; gentle; brittle"

Labana - "the moon; whiteness; frankincense"

Lachish - "who walks, or exists, of himself"

Lael - "to God; to the mighty"

Lahad - "praising; to confess"

Lahairoi - "who liveth and seeth me"

Lahmam - "their bread; their war"

Lahmi - "my bread; my war"

Laish - "a lion"

Lamech - "poor; made low"

Laodicea - "just people"

Lapidoth - "enlightened; lamps"

Lasea - "thick; wise"

Lashah - "to call; to anoint"

Lazarus - "assistance of God"

Leah - "weary; tired"

Lebanon - "white, incense"

Lebaoth - "lividness"

Lebbeus - "a man of heart; praising; confessing"

Lebonah - same as Labana

Lehabim - "
flames; inflamed; swords"

Lehi - "jawbone"

Lekah - "walking; going"

Lemuel - "God with them, or him"

Leshem - "a name; putting; a precious stone"

Letushim - "hammermen; filemen"

Leummim - "countries; without water"

Levi - "associated with him"

Libnah - "white; whiteness"

Libni - same as Libnah

Libya - "
the heart of the sea; fat"

Linus - "net"

Lo-ammi - "not my people"

Lod - "nativity; generation"

Lois - "better"

Lo-ruhamah - "not having obtained mercy; not pitied"

Lot or Lotan - "wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin"

Lubin - "heart of a man; heart of the sea"

Lucas or Lucius - "luminous; white"

Lucifer - "bringing light"

Lud or Ludim - same as Lod

Luhith - "
made of boards"

Luke - "luminous; white"

Luz - "separation; departure; an almond"

Lycaonia - "she-wolf"

Lydda or Lydia - "a standing pool"

Lysanias - "that drives away sorrow"

Lysias - "dissolving"

Lysimachus - "scattering the battle"

Lystra - "that dissolves or disperses"

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Maachah - "pressed down; worn; fastened"

Maachathi - "broken"

Maadai - "pleasant; testifying"

Maadiah - "pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord"

Maai - "belly; heaping up"

Maale-akrabbim - "ascent of scorpions"

Maarath - "den; making empty; watching"

Maaseiah - "the work of the Lord"

Maasiai - "the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord"

Maath - "wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting"

Maaz - "wood; wooden"

Macedonia - "burning; adoration"

Machbenah or Machbanai - "poverty; the smiting of his son"

Machi - "poor; a smiter"

Machir - "selling; knowing"

Machnadebai - "smiter"

Machpelah - "double"

Madai - "a measure; judging; a garment"

Madian - "judgment; striving; covering; chiding"

Madmannah - "measure of a gift; preparation of a garment"

Madon - "a chiding; a garment; his measure"

Magbish - "excelling; height"

Magdala - "tower; greatness"

Magdalene - "a person from Magdala

Magdiel - "
declaring God; chosen fruit of God"

Magog - "covering; roof; dissolving"

Magor-missabib - "fear on every side"

Magpiash - "a body thrust hard together"

Mahalah or Mahalath - "sickness; a company of dancers; a harp"

Mahaleleel - "praising God"

Mahali - "infirmity; a harp; pardon"

Mahanaim - "tents; two fields; two armies"

Mahanehdan - "tents of judgment"

Mahanem - "a comforter"

Maharai - "hasting; a hill; from a hill"

Mahath - same as Maath

Mahavites - "
declaring a message; marrow"

Mahaz - "an end; ending; growing hope"

Mahazioth - "seeing a sign; seeing a letter"

Maher-shalal-hash-baz - "making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey"

Mahlah, Mahli, Mahlon - same as Mahali

Makas - same as Mahaz

Makheloth - "
assemblies; congregations"

Makkedah - "worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness"

Malachi - "my messenger; my angel"

Malcham or Malchom - "their king; their counselor"

Malchiah or Malchijah - "the Lord my king, or my counselor"

Malchiel - "God is my king, or counselor"

Malchus - "my king, kingdom, or counselor"

Maleleel - same as Mahaleleel

Mallothi - "
fullness; circumcision"

Malluch - "reigning; counseling"

Mammon - "riches"

Mamre - "rebellious; bitter; set with trees"

Manaen - "a comforter; a leader"

Manahethites - "my lady; my prince of rest"

Manasseh - "forgetfulness; he that is forgotten"

Manoah - "rest; a present"

Maon - "house; place of sin"

Mara or Marah - "bitter; bitterness"

Maralah - "sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension"

Maranatha - "the Lord is coming"

Marcus - "polite; shining"

Mareshah - "from the beginning; an inheritance"

Mark - same as Marcus

Maroth - "

Marsena - "bitterness of a bramble"

Martha - "who becomes bitter; provoking"

Mary - same as Miriam

Mash -
same as Meshech

Mashal - "
a parable; governing"

Masrekah - "whistling; hissing"

Massa - "a burden; prophecy"

Massah - "temptation"

Matred - "wand of government"

Matri - "rain; prison"

Mattan, Mattana, Mattenai - "gifts; rains"

Mattaniah - "gift, or hope, of the Lord"

Mattatha - "his gift"

Mattathias - "the gift of the Lord"

Matthan - same as Mattan

Matthanias -
same as Mattaniah

Matthal - "
gift; he that gives"

Matthew - "given; a reward"

Matthias, Mattithiah - same as Mattathias

Mazzaroth - "
the twelve signs of the zodiac"

Meah - "a hundred cubits"

Mearah - "den; cave; making empty"

Mebunnai - "son; building; understanding"

Mecherath - "selling; knowledge"

Medad - "he that measures; water of love"

Medan - "judgment; process"

Medeba - "waters of grief; waters springing up"

Media - "measure; habit; covering"

Megiddo - "his precious fruit; declaring a message"

Megiddon - same as Megiddo

Mehetabel - "
how good is God"

Mehida - "a riddle; sharpness of wit"

Mehir - "a reward"

Mehujael - "who proclaims God"

Mehuman - "making an uproar; a multitude"

Mejarkon - "the waters of Jordan"

Mekonah - "a foot of a pillar; provision"

Melatiah - "deliverance of the Lord"

Melchi - "my king; my counsel"

Melchiah - "God is my king"

Melchi-shua - "king of health; magnificent king"

Melchizedek - "king of justice"

Melea - "supplying; supplied"

Melech - "king; counselor"

Melita - "affording honey"

Mellicu - "his kingdom; his counselor"

Melzar - "circumcision of a narrow place, or of a bond"

Memphis - "abode of the good"

Memucan - "impoverished; to prepare; certain; true"

Menahem - "comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat"

Menan - "numbered; rewarded; prepared"

Mene - "who reckons or is counted"

Meonenim - "charmers, regarders of times"

Mephaath - "appearance, or force, of waters"

Mephibosheth - "out of my mouth proceeds reproach"

Merab - "he that fights or disputes"

Meraioth - "bitterness; rebellious; changing"

Merari - "bitter; to provoke"

Mercurius - "an orator; an interpreter"

Mered - "rebellious, ruling"

Meremoth - "bitterness; myrrh of death"

Meres - "defluxion; imposthume"

Meribah - "dispute; quarrel"

Meribbaal - "he that resists Baal; rebellion"

Merodach - "bitter contrition"

Merodach-baladan - "bitter contrition, without judgment"

Merom - "eminences; elevations"

Meronothite - "my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule"

Meroz - "secret, leanness"

Mesha - "burden; salvation"

Meshach - "that draws with force"

Meshech - "who is drawn by force"

Meshelemiah - "peace, or perfection, of the Lord"

Meshezaheel - "God taking away; the salvation of God"

Meshillamith - "peaceable; perfect; giving again"

Meshullam - "peaceable; perfect; their parables"

Mesobaite - "the Lord's standing-place; a little doe"

Mesopotamia - "between two rivers"

Messiah - "anointed"

Metheg-ammah - "bridle of bondage"

Methusael - "who demands his death"

Methusaleh - "he has sent his death"

Meunim - "dwelling-places; afflicted"

Mezahab - "gilded"

Miamin - "the right hand"

Mibhar - "chosen; youth"

Mibsam - "smelling sweet"

Mibzar - "defending; forbidding; taking away"

Micah - "poor; humble"

Micaiah - "who is like to God?"

Micha - same as Micaiah

or Michael - same as Micah

Michal - "
who is perfect?"

Michmach - "he that strikes"

Michmethah - "the gift or death of a striker"

Michri - "selling"

Michtam - "golden psalm"

Middin - "judgment; striving"

Midian - "judgment; covering; habit"

Migdalel - "tower of God"

Migdalgad - "tower compassed about"

Migdol - "a tower"

Migron - "fear; farm; throat"

Mijamin - "right hand"

Mikloth - "little wants; little voices; looking downward"

Minneiah - "possession of the Lord"

Milalai - "circumcision; my talk"

Milcah - "queen"

Milcom - "their king"

Miletum - "red; scarlet"

Millo - "fullness"

Miniamin - "right hand"

Minni - "reckoned; prepared"

Minnith - same as Minni

Miriam - "

Mishael - "who is asked for or lent"

Mishal - "parables; governing"

Misham - "their savior; taking away"

Misheal - "requiring; lent; pit"

Mishma - "hearing; obeying"

Mishmannah - "fatness; taking away provision"

Mishraites - "spread abroad"

Mispar or Mispereth - "numbering; showing; increase of tribute"

Misrephoth-maim - "hot waters"

Mithcah - "sweetness; pleasantness"

Mithnite - "loin; gift; hope"

Mithredath - "breaking the law"

Mitylene - "purity; cleansing; press"

Mizar - "little"

Mizpah or Mizpeh - "a watch-tower; speculation"

Mizraim - "tribulations"

Mizzah - "defluxion from the head"

Mnason - "a diligent seeker; an exhorter"

Moab - "of his father"

Moladah - "birth; generation"

Molech or Moloch - "king"

Molid - "nativity; generation"

Mordecai - "contrition; bitter; bruising"

Moreh - "stretching"

Moriah - "bitterness of the Lord"

Moserah or Moseroth - "erudition; discipline"

Moses - "taken out; drawn forth"

Mozah - "unleavened"

Muppim - "out of the mouth; covering"

Mushi - "he that touches, that withdraws or takes away"

Myra - "I flow; pour out; weep"

Mysia - "criminal; abominable"

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Naam - "fair; pleasant"

Naamah or Naaman - "beautiful; agreeable"

Naarah or Naarai - "young person"

Naashon - "that foretells; that conjectures"

Nabal - "fool; senseless"

Naboth - "words; prophecies"

Nachon - "ready; sure"

Nachor - same as Nahor

Nadab - "
free and voluntary gift; prince"

Nagge - "clearness; brightness; light"

Nahaliel - "inheritance; valley of God"

Nahallal - "praised; bright"

Naham or Nahamani - "comforter; leader"

Naharai - "my nostrils; hot; anger"

Nahash - "snake; serpent"

Nahath - "rest; a leader"

Nahbi - "very secret"

Nahor - "hoarse; dry; hot"

Nahshon - same as Naashon

Nahum - "
comforter; penitent"

Nain - "beauty; pleasantness"

Naioth - "beauties; habitations"

Naomi - "beautiful; agreeable"

Naphish - "the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires"

Naphtali - "that struggles or fights"

Narcissus - "astonishment; stupidity"

Nason - "helper; entry-way"

Nathan - "given; giving; rewarded"

Nathanael - "the gift of God"

Nathan-melech - "the gift of the king, or of counsel"

Naum - same as Nahum

Nazareth - "
separated; crowned; sanctified"

Nazarite - "one chosen or set apart"

Neah - "moved; moving"

Neapolis - "the new city"

Neariah - "child of the Lord"

Nebai - "budding; speaking; prophesying"

Nebaioth - "words; prophecies; buds"

Neballat - "prophecy; budding"

Nebat - "that beholds"

Nebo - "that speaks or prophesies"

Nebuchadnezzar or Nebuchadrezzar - "tears and groans of judgment"

Nebushasi-hahban - "speech; prophecy; springing; flowing"

Nebuzar-adan - "fruits or prophecies of judgment"

Necho - "lame; beaten"

Nedabiah - "prince or vow of the Lord"

Neginoth - "stringed instruments"

Nehelamite - "dreamer; vale; brook"

Nehemiah - "consolation; repentance of the Lord"

Nehum - "comforter; penitent"

Nehushta - "made of brass"

Nehushtan - "a trifling thing of brass"

Neiel - "commotion, or moving, of God"

Nekoda - "painted; inconstant"

Nemuel - "the sleeping of God"

Nepheg - "weak; slacked"

Nephish - same as Naphish

Nephishesim - "
diminished; torn in pieces"

Nephthalim - same as Naphtali

Nephthoah - "
opening; open"

Nephusim - same as Nephishesim

Ner - "
a lamp; new-tilled land"

Nereus - same as Ner

Nergal - "
the great man; the hero"

Nergal-sharezer - "treasurer of Nergal

Neri - "
my light"

Neriah - "light; lamp of the Lord"

Nethaneel - same as Nathanael

Nethaniah - "
the gift of the Lord"

Nethinims - "given or offered"

Neziah - "conqueror; strong"

Nezib - "standing-place"

Nibhaz - "budding; prophesying"

Nibshan - "prophecy; growing of a tooth"

Nicanor - "a conqueror; victorious"

Nicodemus - "victory of the people"

Nicolas - same as Nicodemus

Nicolaitanes - "
followers of Nicolas

Nicopolis - "
the city of victory"

Niger - "black"

Nimrah or Nimrim - "leopard; bitterness; rebellion"

Nimrod - "rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word)"

Nimshi - "rescued from danger"

Nineveh - "handsome; agreeable"

Nisan - "standard; miracle"

Nisroch - "flight; proof; temptation; delicate"

No - "stirring up; forbidding"

Noadiah - "witness, or ornament, of the Lord"

Noah - "repose; consolation"

Noah - "that quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter)"

Nob - "discourse; prophecy"

Nobah - "that barks or yelps"

Nod - "vagabond; fugitive"

Nodab - "vowing of his own accord"

Noe - same as Noah

Nogah - "
brightness; clearness"

Noha - "rest; a guide"

Non - "posterity; a fish; eternal"

Noph - "honeycomb; anything that distills or drops"

Nophah - "fearful; binding"

Nun - same as Non

Nymphas - "
spouse; bridegroom"

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Obadiah - "servant of the Lord"

Obal - "inconvenience of old age"

Obed - "a servant; workman"

Obed-edom - "servant of Edom"

Obil - "that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed"

Oboth - "dragons; fathers; desires"

Ocran - "a disturber; that disorders"

Oded - "to sustain, hold or lift up"

Og - "a cake; bread baked in ashes"

Ohad - "praising; confessing"

Ohel - "tent; tabernacle; brightness"

Olympas - "heavenly"

Omar - "he that speaks; bitter"

Omega - "the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O"

Omri - "sheaf of corn"

On - "pain; force; iniquity"

Onam or Onan - same as On

Onesimus - "
profitable; useful"

Onesiphorus - "who brings profit"

Ono - "grief or strength or iniquity of him"

Ophel - "a tower; darkness; small white cloud"

Ophir - "fruitful region"

Ophni wearisomeness; folding together"

Ophrah - "dust; lead; a fawn"

Oreb - "a raven"

Ornan - "that rejoices"

Orpah - "the neck or skull"

Oshea - same as Joshua

Othni - "my time; my hour"

Othniel - "the hour of God"

Ozem - "that fasts; their eagerness"

Ozias - "strength from the Lord"

Ozni - "an ear; my hearkening"

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Paarai - "opening"

Padan-aram - "cultivated field or table-land"

Padon - "his redemption; ox-yoke"

Pagiel - "prevention, or prayer, of God"

Pahath-Moab - "ruler of Moab"

Pai or Pau - "howling; sighing"

Palal - "thinking"

Palestina - "which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin"

Pallu - "marvelous; hidden"

Palti - "deliverance; flight"

Paltiel - "deliverance; or banishment, of God"

Pamphylia - "a nation made up of every tribe"

Paphos - "which boils, or is very hot"

Parah - "a cow; increasing"

Paran - "beauty; glory; ornament"

Parbar - "a suburb"

Parmashta - "a yearling bull"

Parmenas - "that abides, or is permanent"

Parnach - "a bull striking, or struck"

Parosh - "a flea; the fruit of a moth"

Parshandatha - "given by prayer"

Paruah - "flourishing; that flies away"

Pasach - "thy broken piece"

Pasdammin - "portion or diminishing of blood"

Paseah - "passing over; halting"

Pashur - "that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness"

Patara - "trodden under foot"

Pathros or Pathrusim - "mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin"

Patmos - "mortal"

Patrobas - "paternal; that pursues the steps of his father"

Pau - same as Pai

Paul - "
small; little"

Paulus - same as Paul

Pedahzur - "
strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption"

Pedaiah - "redemption of the Lord"

Pekah - "he that opens; that is at liberty"

Pekahiah - "it is the Lord that opens"

Pekod - "noble; rulers"

Pelaiah - "the Lord's secret or miracle"

Pelaliah - "entreating the Lord"

Pelatiah - "let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord"

Peleg - "division"

Pelethites - "judges; destroyers"

Pelonite - "falling; secret"

Peniel - "face or vision of God; that sees God"

Peninnah - "pearl; precious stone; the face"

Pentapolis - "five cities"

Pentateuch - "the five books of Moses"

Pentecost - "fiftieth"

Penuel - same as Peniel

Peor - "
hole; opening"

Perazim - "divisions"

Peresh - "horseman"

Perez - "divided"

Perez-Uzza - "division of Uzza, or of strength"

Perga - "very earthy"

Pergamos - "height; elevation"

Perida - "separation; division"

Perizzites - "dwelling in villages"

Persia - "that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman"

Persis - same as Persia

Peruda -
same as Perida

Peter - "
a rock or stone"

Pethahiah - "the Lord opening; gate of the Lord"

Pethuel - "mouth of God; persuasion of God"

Peulthai - "my works"

Phalec - same as Peleg

or Pallu - "admirable; hidden"

Palti - "deliverance, flight"

Phanuel - "face or vision of God"

Pharaoh - "that disperses; that spoils"

Pharez - "division; rupture"

Pharisees - "set apart"

Pharpar - "that produces fruit"

Phebe - "shining; pure"

Phenice or Phoenicia - "red; purple"

Phichol - "the mouth of all, or every tongue"

Philadelphia - "love of a brother"

Philemon - "who kisses"

Philetus - "amiable; beloved"

Philip - "warlike; a lover of horses"

Philippi - same as Philip in the plural

Philistines - "those who dwell in villages"

Philologus - "a lover of letters, or of the word"

Phinehas - "bold aspect; face of trust or protection"

Phlegon - "zealous; burning"

Phrygia - "dry; barren"

Phurah - "that bears fruit, or grows"

Phygellus - "fugitive"

Phylacteries - "things to be especially observed"

Pi-beseth - "abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast"

Pi-hahiroth - "the mouth; the pass of Hiroth"

Pilate - "armed with a dart"

Pinon - "pearl; gem; that beholds"

Piram - "a wild ass of them"

Pirathon - "his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture"

Pisgah - "hill; eminence; fortress"

Pisidia - "pitch; pitchy"

Pison - "changing; extension of the mouth"

Pithom - "their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth"

Pithon - "mouthful; persuasion"

Pochereth - "cutting of the mouth of warfare"

Pontius - "marine; belonging to the sea"

Pontus - "the sea"

Poratha - "fruitful"

Potiphar - "bull of Africa; a fat bull"

Potipherah - "that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat"

Prisca - "ancient"

Priscilla - same as Prisca

Prochorus - "
he that presides over the choirs"

Puah - "mouth; corner; bush of hair"

Publius - "common"

Pudens - "shamefaced"

Pul - "bean; destruction"

Punites - "beholding; my face"

Punon - "precious stone; that beholds"

Pur or Purim - "lot"

Putiel - "God is my fatness"

Puteoli - "sulphureous wells"

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Quartus fourth

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Raamah greatness; thunder; some sort of evil

Raamiah thunder, or evil, from the Lord

Rabbah great; powerful; contentious

Rabbi or Rabboni my master

Rabmag who overthrows or destroys a multitude

Rab-saris chief of the eunuchs

Rab-shakeh cup-bearer of the prince

Raca worthless; good-for-nothing

Rachab same as Rahab

to whisper; an embalmer

Rachel sheep

Raddai ruling; coming down

Ragau friend; shepherd

Raguel shepherd, or friend of God

Rahab proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)

Rahab large; extended (name of a woman)

Raham compassion; a friend

Rakkath empty; temple of the head

Rakkon vain; void; mountain of enjoyment

Ram elevated; sublime

Ramah same as Ram

or Ramatha raised; lofty

Ramathaim-zophim the two watch-towers

Ramath-lehi elevation of the jaw-bone

Ramath-mizpeh elevation of the watch-tower

Ramiah exaltation of the Lord

Ramoth eminences; high places

Raphah or Raphu relaxation; physic; comfort

Reaiah vision of the Lord

Reba the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down

Rebekah fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased

Rechab square; chariot with team of four horses

Reelaiah shepherd or companion to the Lord

Regem that stones or is stoned; purple

Regemmelech he that stones the king; purple of the king

Rehabiah breadth, or extent, of the Lord

Rehob breadth; space; extent

Rehoboam who sets the people at liberty

Rehoboth spaces; places

Rehum merciful; compassionate

Rei my shepherd; my companion; my friend

Rekem vain pictures; divers picture

Remaliah the exaltation of the Lord

Remmon greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree

Remphan prepared; arrayed

Rephael the physic or medicine of God

Rephaiah medicine or refreshment of the Lord

Rehpaim giants; physicians; relaxed

Rephidim beds; places of rest

Resen a bridle or bit

Reu his friend; his shepherd

Reuben who sees the son; the vision of the son

Reuel the shepherd or friend of God

Reumah lofty; sublime

Rezeph pavement; burning coal

Rezin good-will; messenger

Rezon lean; small; secret; prince

Rhegium rupture; fracture

Rhesa will; course

Rhoda a rose

Rhodes same as Rhoda


Riblah quarrel; greatness to him

Rimmon exalted; pomegranate

Rinnah song; rejoicing

Riphath remedy; medicine; release; pardon

Rissah watering; distillation; dew

Rithmah juniper; noise

Rizpah bed; extension; a coal

Rogelim a foot or footman

Rohgah filled or drunk with talk

Romamti-ezer exaltation of help

Roman strong; powerful

Rome strength; power

Rosh the head; top, or beginning

Rufus red

Ruhamah having obtained mercy

Rumah exalted; sublime; rejected

Ruth drunk; satisfied

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Sabaoth Lord of hosts

Sabeans captivity; conversion; old age

Sabtah a going about or circuiting; old age

Sabtechah that surrounds; that causes wounding

Sacar wares; a price

Sadducees followers of

Sadoc or Zadok just; righteous

Salah mission; sending

Salamis shaken; test; beaten

Salathiel asked or lent of God

Salcah thy basket; thy lifting up

Salem complete or perfect peace

Salim foxes; fists; path

Sallai or Sallu an exaltation; a basket

Salma peace; perfection

Salmon peaceable; perfect; he that rewards

Salome same as Salmon


Samlah his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment

Samos full of gravel

Samothracia an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians

Samson his sun; his service; there the second time

Samuel heard of God; asked of God

Sanballat bramble-bush; enemy in secret

Sanhedrin sitting together

Sansannah bough or bramble of the enemy

Saph rushes; sea-moss

Saphir delightful

Sapphira that relates or tells

Sarah lady; princess; princess of the multitude

Sarai my lady; my princess

Sardis prince of joy

Sardites removing a dissension

Sarepta a goldsmith's shop

Sargon who takes away protection

Sarid remaining; hand of a prince

Saron same as Sharon

master of the wardrobe

Saruch branch; layer; lining

Satan contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser

Saul demanded; lent; ditch; death

Sceva disposed; prepared

Seba a drunkard; that turns

Sebat twig; scepter; tribe

Secacah shadow; covering; defense

Sechu defense; bough

Secundus second

Segub fortified; raised

Seir or Seirath hairy; goat; demon; tempest

Sela a rock

Sela-hammah-lekoth rock of divisions

Selah the end; a pause

Seled affliction; warning

Seleucia shaken or beaten by the waves

Sem same as Shem

joined to the Lord

Semaiah obeying the Lord

Semei hearing; obeying

Senaah bramble; enemy

Seneh same as Senaah

bed-candle; changing

Sennacherib bramble of destruction

Seorim gates; hairs; tempests

Sephar book; scribe; number

Sepharad a book descending

Sepharvaim the two books; the two scribes

Serah lady of scent; song; the morning star

Seraiah prince of the Lord

Seraphim burning; fiery

Sered dyer's vat

Sergius net

Serug branch; layer; twining

Seth put; who puts; fixed

Sethur hid; destroying

Shaalabbim understanding, or son of a fox

Shaalbim that beholds the heart

Shaalbonite a fox's building

Schaaph fleeing; thinking

Shaaraim gates; valuation; hairs

Shaashgaz he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep

Shabbethai my rest

Shachia protection of the Lord

Shadrach tender, nipple

Shage touching softly; multiplying much

Shalem same as Salem

same as Salim

three; the third; prince; captain

Shallum perfect; agreeable

Shalmai my garment

Shalman peaceable; perfect; that rewards

Shalmaneser peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution

Shamariah throne or keeping of the Lord

Shamed destroying; wearing out

Shamer keeper; thorn; dregs

Shamgar named a stranger; he is here a stranger

Shamhuth desolation; destruction

Shamir or Shamer prison; bush; lees; thorn

Shammah loss; desolation; astonishment

Shammai my name; my desolations

Shammoth names; desolations

Shammuah he that is heard; he that is obeyed

Shamsherai there a singer or conqueror

Shapham or Shaphan rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink

Shaphat judge

Sharai my lord; my prince; my song

Sharar navel; thought; singing

Sharezer overseer of the treasury, or of the storehouse

Sharon his plain; his song

Shashai rejoicing; mercy; linen

Shashak a bag of linen; the sixth bag

Shaul or Saul asked; lent; a grave

Shaveh the plain; that makes equality

Shealtiel same as Salathiel

gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord

Shear-jashub the remnant shall return

Sheba captivity; old man; repose; oath

Shebam compassing about; old men

Shebaniah the Lord that converts, or recalls from captivity

Shebarim breakings; hopes

Sheber breaking; hope

Shebna who rests himself; who is now captive

Shebuel turning, or captivity, or seat, of God

Shecaniah habitation of the Lord

Shechem part; portion; back early in the morning

Shedeur field of light; light of the Almighty

Shehariah mourning or blackness of the Lord

Shelah that breaks; that unties; that undresses

Shelemiah God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace

Sheleph who draws out

Shelesh captain; prince

Shelomi or Shelomith my peace; my happiness; my recompense

Shelumiel same as Shelemiah

name; renown

Shema hearing; obeying

Shemaiah that hears or obeys the Lord

Shemariah God is my guard

Shemeber name of force; name of the strong

Shemer guardian; thorn

Shemida name of knowledge; that puts knowledge

Sheminith eighth (an eight-stringed instrument)

Shemiramoth the height of the heavens

Shemuel appointed by God

Shen tooth; ivory; change

Shenazar treasurer of a tooth

Shenir lantern; light that sleeps

Shephatiah the Lord that judges

Shephi beholder; honeycomb; garment

Shepho desert

Shephuphan serpent

Sherah flesh; relationship

Sherebiah singing with the Lord

Sheshach bag of flax or linen

Sheshai six; mercy; flax

Sheshan lily; rose; joy; flax

Sheshbazzar joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage

Shethar putrefied; searching

Shethar-boznai that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me

Sheva vanity; elevation; fame; tumult

Shibboleth or Sibboleth ear of corn; stream or flood

Shibmah overmuch captivity, or sitting

Shicron drunkenness; his gift; his wages

Shiggaion a song of trouble or comfort

Shihon sound; wall of strength

Shihor-libnah blackness of Libnah

Shilhi or Shilhim bough; weapon; armor

Shillem peace; perfection; retribution

Shiloah same as Siloah


Shiloh (name of a city) peace; abundance

Shilom tarrying; peace-maker

Shilshah three; chief; captain

Shimeah or Shimeath that hears, or obeys; perdition

Shimei or Shimi that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame

Shimeon same as Simeon

same as Shimeah

providing well; fatness; oil

Shimrath hearing; obedient

Shimshai my son

Shimri thorn; dregs

Shimrith or Shimron same as Shimri

father of changing

Shinar watch of him that sleeps

Shiphi multitude

Shiphrah handsome; trumpet; that does good

Shisha of marble; pleasant

Shishak present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh

Shitrai gatherer of money

Shittim thorns

Shiza this gift

Shoa kings; tyrants

Shobab returned; turned back; a spark

Shobach your bonds; your chains

Shobai turning captivity

Shobal path; ear of corn

Shobek made void; forsaken

Shochoh defense; a bough

Shoham keeping back

Shomer keeper; dregs

Shophach pouring out

Shophan rabbit; hid

Shoshannim those that shall be changed

Shua crying; saving

Shuah ditch; swimming; humiliation

Shual fox; path; first

Shubael returning captivity; seat of God

Shuham talking; thinking; humiliation; budding

Shulamite peaceable; perfect; that recompenses

Shunem their change; their sleep

Shuni changed; sleeping

Shuphim or Shuppim wearing them out; their shore

Shur wall; ox; that beholds

Shushan lily; rose; joy

Shuthelah plant; verdure; moist; pot

Sia moving; help

Sibbechai bough; cottage; of springs

Sibmah conversion; captivity

Sichem portion; shoulder

Siddim the tilled field

Sidon hunting; fishing; venison

Sigionoth according to variable songs or tunes,

Sihon rooting out; conclusion

Sihor black; trouble (the river Nile)

Silas three, or the third

Silla exalting

Siloa, Siloam, Siloe same as Shilhi

who loves the forest

Simeon that hears or obeys; that is heard

Simon that hears; that obeys

Sin bush

Sinai a bush; enmity

Sinim south country

Sion noise; tumult

Sippai threshold; silver cup

Sinon a breast-plate; deliverance

Sisamai house; blindness

Sisera that sees a horse or a swallow

Sitnah hatred

Sivan a bush or thorn

Smyrna myrrh

So a measure for grain; vail

Socoh tents; tabernacles

Sodi my secret

Sodom their secret; their cement

Solomon peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

Sopater or Sosipater who defends the father

Sophereth scribe, numbering

Sorek vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow

Sosthenes savior; strong; powerful

Sotai conclusion in pleading; binding

Spain rare; precious

Stachys spike or ear of corn

Stephanas crown; crowned

Stephen same as Stephanas

speaking; entreating; ditch

Succoth tents; tabernacles

Succoth-benoth the tents of daughters, or young women; or prostitutes

Sud my secret

Sur that withdraws or departs; rebellion

Susanna lily; rose; joy

Susi horse; swallow; moth

Sychar end

Syene a bush; enmity

Syntyche that speaks or discourses

Syracuse that draws violently

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Taanach who humbles thee; who answers thee

Taanach-shilo breaking down a fig-tree

Tabbath good; goodness

Tabeal or Tabeel good God

Taberah burning

Tabitha clear-sighted; a roe-deer

Tabor choice; purity; bruising

Tabrimon good pomegranate; the navel; the middle

Tadmor the palm-tree; bitterness

Tahan beseeching; merciful

Tahapenes secret temptation

Tahath fear; going down

Tahpenes standard; flight; temptation

Tahrea anger; wicked contention

Talitha-cumi young woman, arise

Talmai my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters

Tamah blotting or wiping out; smiting

Tamar palm; palm-tree

Tammuz abstruse; concealed; consumed

Tanach same as Taanach

consolation; repentance

Taphath distillation; drop

Tappuah apple; swelling

Tarah a hair; a wretch; one banished

Taralah searching out slander, or strength

Tarea howling; doing evil

Tarpelites ravishers; succession of miracles

Tarshish contemplation; examination

Tarsus winged; feathered

Tartak chained; bound; shut up

Tartan a general (official title)

Tatnai that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes

Tebah murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook

Tebaliah baptism, or goodness, of the Lord

Tebeth good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)

Tehinnah entreaty; a favor

Tekel weight

Tekoa trumpet; that is confirmed

Telabib a heap of new grain

Telah moistening; greenness

Telassar taking away; heaping up

Telem their dew; their shadow

Telharsa suspension of the plow

Tel-melah heap of salt

Tema admiration; perfection; consummation

Teman or Temani the south; Africa; perfect

Terah to breathe; scent; blow

Teraphim images; idols

Tertius third

Tertullus third

Tetrarch governor of a fourth part

Thaddeus that praises or confesses

Thahash that makes haste; that keeps silence

Thamah that blots out; that suppresses

Tharah same as Terah

muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk

Thelasar same as Telassar

friend of God

Thessalonica victory against the Thessalians

flowing with water

Thomas a twin

Thummim perfection; truth

Thyatira a perfume; sacrifice of labor

Tibbath killing; a cook

Tiberias good vision; the navel

Tiberius the son of Tiber

straw; hay

Tidal that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation

Tiglath-pileser that binds or takes away captivity

Tikvah hope; a little line; congregation

Tilon murmuring

Timeus perfect; admirable; honorable

Timnah forbidding

Timnath image; figure; enumeration

Timnath-heres or Timnath-serah image of the sun; numbering of the rest

Timon honorable; worthy

Timotheus honor of God; valued of God

Tiphsah passage; leap; step; the passover

Tirhakah inquirer; examiner; dull observer

Tiria searching out

Tirshatha a governor

Tirzah benevolent; complaisant; pleasing

Tishbite that makes captive

Titus pleasing

Toah weapon; dart

Tob good; goodness

Tob-adonijah my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord

Tobiah or Tobijah the Lord is good

Tochen middle

Togarmah which is all bone

Tohu that lives; that declares

Toi who wanders

Tola worm; grub; scarlet

Tolad a generation

Tophel ruin; folly; without understanding

Tophet a drum; betraying

Trachonitis stony

Troas penetrated

Trophimus well educated; well brought up

Tryphena delicious; delicate

Tryphon masculine of Tryphena

thrice shining

Tubal the earth; the world; confusion

Tubal-cain worldly possession; possessed of confusion

Tychicus casual; by chance

Tyrannus a prince; one that reigns

Tyre or Tyrus strength; rock; sharp

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Ucal power, prevalency

Uel desiring God

Ulai strength; fool; senseless

Ulam the porch; the court; their strength; their folly

Ulla elevation; leaf; young child

Ummah darkened; covered; his people

Unni poor; afflicted; that answers

Uphaz pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison

Upharsin divided

Ur fire, light, a valley

Urbane courteous

Uri my light, my fire

Uriah or Urijah the Lord is my light or fire

Uriel same as Uriah

lights; fires

Uthai my iniquity

Uz counsel; words

Uzai he

Uzal wandering

Uzzah strength; goat

Uzzen-sherah ear of the flesh

Uzzi my strength; my kid

Uzziah or Uzziel the strength, or kid, of the Lord

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Vajezatha sprinkling the chamber

Vaniah nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord

Vashni the second; changed; a tooth

Vashti that drinks; thread

Vophsi fragrant; diminution

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Zaanannim movings; a person asleep

Zaavan trembling

Zabad dowry; endowed

Zabbai flowing

Zabdi same as Zabad

pure meat; just

Zaccheus pure; clean; just

Zaccur of the male kind; mindful

Zachariah memory of the Lord

Zadok just; justified

Zaham crime; filthiness; impurity

Zair little; afflicted; in tribulation

Zalaph shadow; ringing; shaking

Zalmon his shade; his image

Zalmonah the shade; the sound of the number; his image

Zalmunna shadow; image; idol forbidden

Zamzummims projects of crimes; enormous crimes

Zanoah forgetfulness; desertion

Zaphnath-paaneah one who discovers hidden things

Zarah east; brightness

Zareah leprosy; hornet

Zared strange descent

Zarephath ambush of the mouth

Zaretan tribulation; perplexity

Zatthu olive tree

Zaza belonging to all

Zebadiah portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion

Zebah victim; sacrifice

Zebedee abundant; portion

Zebina flowing now; selling; buying

Zeboiim deer; goats

Zebudah endowed; endowing

Zebul a habitation

Zebulun or Zebulon dwelling; habitation

Zechariah same as Zachariah

his side; his hunting

Zedekiah the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord

Zeeb wolf

Zelah rib; side; halting

Zelek the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps

Zelophehad the shade or tingling of fear

Zelotes zealous

Zelzah noontide

Zemaraim wool; pith

Zemira song; vine; palm

Zenan coldness; target; weapon

Zenas living

Zephaniah the Lord is my secret

Zephath which beholds; that attends or that covers

Zepho or Zephon that sees and observes; that expects or covers

Zer perplexity

Zerah same as Zarah

the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord

Zeredah ambush; change of dominion

Zeresh misery; strange; dispersed inheritance

Zereth same as Zer

root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight

Zeruah leprous; wasp; hornet

Zerubbabel a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion

Zeruiah pain or tribulation of the Lord

Zethar he that examines or beholds

Zia sweat; swelling

Ziba army; fight; strength

Zibeon iniquity that dwells

Zibiah the Lord dwells; deer; goat

Zichri that remembers; that is a man

Ziddim huntings; treasons; destructions

Zidkijah justice of the Lord

Zidon hunting; fishing; venison

Zif this or that; brightness; comeliness

Ziha brightness; whiteness; drought

Ziklag measure pressed down

Zillah shadow; the tingling of the ear

Zilpah distillation from the mouth

Zilthai my shadow; my talk

Zimmah thought; wickedness

Zimran song; singer; vine

Zimzi my field; my vine

Zin buckler; coldness

Zina shining; going back

Zion monument; raised up; sepulcher

Zior ship of him that watches

Ziph this mouth or mouthful; falsehood

Ziphron falsehood of a song; rejoicing

Zippor bird; sparrow; crown; desert

Zipporah beauty; trumpet; mourning

Zithri to hide; demolished

Ziz flower; branch; a lock of hair

Ziza same as Zina


Zoar little; small

Zobah or Zobebah an army; warring

Zohar white; bright; dryness

Zoheleth that creeps, slides, or draws

Zoheth separation; amazing

Zophah viol; honeycomb

Zophar rising early; crown

Zophim place for a watchman

Zorah leprosy; scab; hornet

Zorobabel same as Zerubbabel

same as Zoar

that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering

Zur stone; rock; that besieges

Zuriel rock or strength of God

Zurishaddai the Almighty is my rock and strength

Zuzims the posts of a door; splendor; beauty

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