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The Big Chart

Instructions to print The Big Chart
Chart Topics of the Tribulation

A Timeline of the Tribulation Week:
Visually depicts the sequence of Tribulation Week events.


How To Print This Chart
(It is recommended that you print The Big Chart to help you see the overall picture while you read related articles online.)

FIRST, you must "Save" The Big Chart to your hardrive.

Step 1. To "Save" The Big Chart

If you have a Mac:
Click and hold over the picture and choose "Save this Image as..."

If you have a
Right click on the image, then select "Save this Image as..."

COMING FROM The Big Chart,
you must use the back button on your browser
if you wish to return to this page,
as there are NO navigational links on The Big Chart.

Step 2. To "Print" The Big Chart

If you have a
Load saved image into a paint program that has the "Reduce area to fit page" option in the PRINT dialogue.
Graphic Converter is a shareware program that does this well.

Download Graphic Converter Here

If you have a
Load into a paint program that has the "Reduce area to fit page" option in the PRINT dialogue.
PhotoImpact Viewer 4.0 is an excellent program for this, and is free.

Download PhotoImpact Viewer 4.0 Here

Additional Option for either systems:
If you are having trouble,
if you would prefer to print the chart in 8 sections
that can be taped together-- forming
a large chart-- print the following:

Printing the top third-

Tribulation Chart Section 1
Tribulation Chart Section 2
Tribulation Chart Section 3
Tribulation Chart Section 4
Tribulation Chart Section 5

Printing the middle third-

Tribulation Chart Section 6
Tribulation Chart Section 7
Tribulation Chart Section 8
Tribulation Chart Section 9
Tribulation Chart Section 10

Then printing the bottom third-

Tribulation Chart Section 11
Tribulation Chart Section 12
Tribulation Chart Section 13
Tribulation Chart Section 14
Tribulation Chart Section 15

Please use your browser button to return here.

We're sorry that we could not have divided the chart
into fewer sections, but we tried with fewer, and couldn't
achieve satisfactory results that we

hoped would accommodate everyone.

Concerning Dates- these articles & charts will mention dates that have come and gone. They were human guesstimations-- not the infallible Word of God. However, the articles & charts will retain these dates- though incorrect- because it is our belief that the correct dates cannot vary from these articles by much. The Tribulation Week will start SOON. The time-related sequence of events displayed on The Big Chart Timeline, and the Timeline articles which correlate to these events, are all still valid.

True Christian consistency is to
"grow in grace, and in the Knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ"
(2 Peter 3:18).
Recognizing our need to grow, we will change
"our views and language and practice as often and as fast, as we can obtain
further information"

(from the Preface to Charles G. Finney's "
Systematic Theology" ---New Window).

Triangle Chart

Big Chart - The tribulation timeline displayed all at once.

Index - An in-depth index of all topics displayed on The Big Chart, but in small chart form.


Section Index for Timeline

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