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              Thy WORD Is Truth.

by Tom Stewart

The Da Vinci Code Effect ---New Window 5-26-06

Sin Can Be Prevented ---New Window 5-15-05


How Evolution Undermines the Need for a Savior ---New Window 5-8-05

Why I Use the King James Version ---New Window 1-12-05


What is a Famine? ---New Window 1-3-05

What Saith the Scripture? A Way of Life ---New Window 12-28-04


The Crucifixion of Christ: Jews or Gentiles-- Who Stinketh the Most? ---New Window 4-21-04

When Everything Seems to Fail ---New Window 2-12-04


An Historical Perspective of Precious Bible Promises ---New Window 12-9-03

Revenge of the Worms ---New Window 12-9-03


Love Makes the World Go Round ---New Window 8-22-03

Only God Is Good ---New Window 8-3-2003


We Must See Jesus ---New Window 7-17-2003

The Failure of Prophecy ---New Window 5-1-2003


I Shall Come Forth As Gold ---New Window 12-17-2002

The Magi and the Star of Bethlehem ---New Window 12-2-2002


Social Security, the Stock Market, and Unemployment ---New Window 10-5-2002

DNA: Who Owns the Book of Life? ---New Window 9-5-2002


Man-Made Earthquakes and the Rapture ---New Window 7-20-2002

The Eyes of Faith ---New Window 7-14-2002


Things Don't Just Happen ---New Window 7-9-2002

A Place Called Safe ---New Window 7-4-2002


Why God Must Prove Us ---New Window 6-25-2002

Sex Scandal in the Catholic Church ---New Window 5-26-2002


Stand Right and Stand Fast ---New Window 4-15-2002

The Beast That Was, and Is Not, and Yet Is ---New Window 3-27-2002


Our Light Afflictions Work For Us, Not Against Us ---New Window 3-24-2002

The Beasts of the Apocalypse ---New Window 3-11-2002


Seek God First ---New Window 1-3-2002

Pray for the Burnhams' Release ---New Window 12-25-2001


The Story Behind "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" ---New Window 12-20-2001

Christian, Be Ready! ---New Window 11-18-2001


Secret of Abiding in Christ ---New Window 10-30-2001

God Cannot Wait ---New Window 10-15-2001


Is It Possible to Guarantee Our Obedience? ---New Window 10-10-2001

Significance of the Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon ---New Window 9-16-2001


If Jesus Never Came ---New Window 9-7-2001

When You Are Ready to Panic ---New Window 8-28-2001


What is God Teaching You? ---New Window 8-17-2001

Communing With God ---New Window 8-13-2001


The Danger of Modern Prophets ---New Window 7-24-2001

St. Patrick: The Trinity and the Shamrock ---New Window 7-22-2001


What Happened in Gethsemane? ---New Window 7-2-2001

Lead Us Not Into Temptation ---New Window 6-29-2001


What's Wrong With the Golden Rule? ---New Window 6-17-2001

Armageddon and the Great Crack in the Earth ---New Window 6-10-2001


The Manner of the Second Coming of the LORD Jesus Christ ---New Window 6-5-2001

Why Study Prophecy? ---New Window 5-18-2001


Living By Faith ---New Window 4-30-2001

Repentance After the Mark of the Beast? ---New Window 4-16-2001


Help for Those Who Need Patience ---New Window 3-29-2001

Discovering God ---New Window 2-25-2001


If I Were God ---New Window 2-18-2001

Christian, We Are In Better Hands Than We Deserve ---New Window 1-15-2001


Unlocking the Secret of Life ---New Window 1-2-2001

The Excellence of Love ---New Window 12-24-2000


The Treasure of True Christian Friendship ---New Window 12-11-2000

A Crisis in America? ---New Window 11-26-2000


All Things New ---New Window 11-13-2000

God Is In the Details ---New Window 11-7-2000


Charles G. Finney on the Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit ---New Window 10-30-2000

Do Not Litter ---New Window 10-30-2000


What is the Difference Between the Gospel and the Great Commission? ---New Window 10-25-2000

Love and Vengeance ---New Window 10-20-2000


When Will the Violence Cease? ---New Window 10-15-2000

The Cold War and Spiritual Warfare ---New Window 9-10-2000


A Little Leaven ---New Window 9-5-2000

Baby Boomers: Why Shall We Then Live? ---New Window 8-6-2000


But Where Are the Nine? ---New Window 7-27-2000

Survival of the Fittest ---New Window 7-20-2000


China's Future is Written in Scripture ---New Window 5-31-2000

The Necessity of Suffering ---New Window 5-1-2000


The Most Negative Verse in the Bible ---New Window 4-23-2000

Who Has the Right to Judge? ---New Window 4-4-2000


United Religions (2000): A Tower Unto Heaven ---New Window 3-12-2000

Our Rare Earth ---New Window 2-21-2000


Christian Separation ---New Window 1-29-2000

Sir Robert Anderson and the Seventy Weeks of Daniel ---New Window 1-14-2000


God's Strange Work ---New Window 1-5-2000

What Is Mercy? ---New Window 12-28-99


The Mainspring of Moral Action ---New Window 12-21-99

Alone, But Not Lonely ---New Window 12-12-99


Christ's Human Sinlessness Proves the Justice of God's Demand for Man's Sinlessness ---New Window 12-6-99

Hugh Latimer: Example of Christian Courage ---New Window 11-29-99


Thanks Be Unto God ---New Window 11-19-99

The Vicious Cycle of Prosperity ---New Window 11-9-99


The Betrayal of Martin Luther ---New Window 10-30-99

Gideon and the Pre-Tribulational Rapture ---New Window 10-25-99


The Power of Preservation ---New Window 10-21-99

Why Does the Wind Blow? ---New Window 10-17-99


The New Millennium ---New Window 9-13-99

Charles G. Finney on Christian Perfection ---New Window 8-25-99


There Shall Be Earthquakes ---New Window 8-19-99

Have You Heard a Still Small Voice? ---New Window 8-14-99


Why is It So Difficult for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of God? ---New Window 7-30-99

John F. Kennedy, Jr.: America's Departed Prince ---New Window 7-21-99


An Impossible Standard? ---New Window 7-20-99

If My WORDS Abide In You ---New Window 7-16-99


Laodicea-- What Happened? ---New Window 7-5-99

Behold, I Come Quickly ---New Window 6-24-99


Antinomianism- The Popular Heresy ---New Window 6-20-99

Don't Worry About the Rapture ---New Window 5-22-99


The Honor of the Eleventh Hour Labourers ---New Window 5-22-99

Why Will There Be a Tribulation? ---New Window 5-13-99


The Pre-Tribulational Rapture "Confidence" Game ---New Window 5-10-99

In the Presence of Mine Enemies: The Release of American POWs ---New Window 5-1-99


Lessons of Columbine: Hatred and Martyrdom, Blame and Forgiveness ---New Window 4-28-99

Why Did God Allow It? ---New Window 4-21-99

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