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Voices From the
Church of Philadelphia

The Oberlin Evangelist

Charles G. Finney

1840 Index
Public Domain Texts

Official Publication of Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Sermons and Lectures
by Charles G. Finney,
president of Oberlin College
  Wisdom is justified.

Contents of the 1840 Lectures

"Sanctification - No.'s 1 - 9" ---New Window

Lectures I - IX

I. Define the meaning of the term sanctification.

II. What I understand by entire sanctification.

III. Notice the distinction between entire and permanent sanctification.

IV. Show what is not implied in entire sanctification.

V. What is implied in entire sanctification.

VI. Show that this state is attainable in this life.

VII. Answer some objections.

VIII. Show when it is attainable.

IX. How it is attainable.

Professor Finney's Letter
of May 6, 1840

New Window


precedes the following lecture "Unbelief - No. 1".

"Unbelief - No. 1" ---New Window

Lectures X

I. What unbelief is.

II. Some of its developments and manifestations.

III. Its unreasonableness.

IV. Its causes or occasions.

V. Its wickedness.

"Unbelief - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture XI

Continued from Lecture X

Professor Finney's Letter
of June 3, 1840

New Window


precedes the following lecture "Blessedness of Benevolence".

"Blessedness of Benevolence" ---New Window

Lecture XII

I. What constitutes true religion.

II. Some of the elements that enter into the happiness of the true Christian.

III. Notice several forms of delusion under which multitudes are laboring.

"A Willing Mind Indispensable to a
Right Understanding of Truth
" ---New Window

Lecture XIII

I. That God's promises, with their conditions, are a revelation of the great principles of His government.

II. What is implied in a willingness to do the will of God.

III. That this state of mind is indispensable to a right understanding of the truth of God.

IV. That this state of mind will certainly result in a right knowledge of the truth, unless you tempt God by neglecting the means of knowledge.

"Death to Sin" ---New Window

Lecture XIV

I. The different kinds of death mentioned in the Bible.

II. What kind of death is intended here.

III. What it consists in;

IV. What is implied in it;

V. How it is effected.

"The Gospel the Savor of Life or of Death" ---New Window

Lecture XV

I. That God has great delight in the Atonement of Christ.

II. That a full exhibition of Christ must do great good, whether men are saved or lost.

III. That such an exhibition of Christ will produce great and manifest changes in the character of those who hear.

IV. That God will be as truly honored in the damnation of those who reject, as in the salvation of those who receive Christ.

The Light of the World
" ---New Window

Lecture XVI

I. That the world is in great spiritual darkness.

II. That Christians, under God, are to enlighten it.

III. How they are to do this.

IV. If the world is not enlightened, it is the fault of Christians.

"Communion with God - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture XVII

I. Consider the meaning of the term communion.

II. What is implied in communion with the Holy Ghost.

III. How we may know whether and when we have communion with God.

IV. The value and importance of communion with God.

V. How to secure and perpetuate it.

"Communion with God - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture XVIII

Continued from Lecture XVII

"Temptations Must Be Put Away" ---New Window

Lecture XIX

I. That things in themselves lawful and even important, may, by sinful indulgences, become a cause and a source of stumbling to the soul.

II. That however dear, and even important they may be, if through abuse, they, as a matter of fact, are the cause of our falling into bondage to sin, they must be put away.

III. That to continue the temptation, in such cases, and expect grace to overcome it, is to tempt God.

IV. If any form of temptation is allowed to have dominion over us, we are inevitably and for ever lost.

"Design or Intention Constitutes Character" ---New Window

Lecture XX

I. Notice the distinction between intention and volition.

II. The distinction between an ultimate or supreme intention and a subordinate intention.

III. Show that moral character lies mainly in the ultimate or supreme intention of the mind.

IV. Show that the moral character or those volitions and outward actions, which are directed by the intention, is as the ultimate intention is.

V. Show when the intention is sinful.

VI. When it is holy.

VII. Show that a man's character, as distinguished from the character of any one of his acts, is as his supreme and ultimate intention is.

"Confession of Faults" ---New Window

Lecture XXI

I. What is intended by faults in this text.

II. To whom this passage requires confession to be made.

III. The design and use of confessing faults one to another.

IV. That we are under special obligation to pray for those who confess their faults.

"Weakness of Heart" ---New Window

Lecture XXII

I. What is to be understood by the term heart, in this text.

II. What is implied in weakness of heart.

III. Mention some things that are evidences of a weak heart.

IV. Some things that cause weakness of heart.

V. The remedy for weakness of heart.

VI. What is implied in strengthening the heart.

"A Single and an Evil Eye" ---New Window

Lecture XXIII

I. What is implied in singleness of eye.

II. What is implied in an evil eye.

III. That singleness of eye will insure a knowledge of truth and duty.

IV. An evil eye will insure darkness and delusion, both in regard to doctrine and duty.

"Salvation Always Conditional" ---New Window

Lecture XXIV

I. What is intended by one's thinking that he standeth.

II. Show in what such a confidence may be founded.

III. That this confidence, whatever may be its foundation, cannot secure the soul against falling into sin and hell.

IV. That continued watchfulness and wakeful, activity of soul, are indispensable to continued holiness and final salvation.

  Wisdom is justified.

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  Wisdom is justified.


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