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Voices From the
Church of Philadelphia

The Oberlin Evangelist

Charles G. Finney

1841 Index
Public Domain Texts

Official Publication of Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Sermons and Lectures
by Charles G. Finney,
president of Oberlin College
  Wisdom is justified.

Contents of the 1841 Lectures

Continuing the 1840 sermons on Sanctification

"Submission to God- No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture XXV

I. What constitutes submission to God?

II. Point out some things that are implied in submission.

III. Notice various delusions which many practice upon themselves, in respect to submission.

IV. Show that without true submission salvation is naturally impossible.

V. Show that with true submission salvation is naturally inevitable.

"Submission to God- No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture XXVI

Continued from Lecture XXV

"Love Worketh No Ill" ---New Window

Lecture XXVII

I. What the love that constitutes true religion is not.

II. What it is.

III. Who is to be regarded as our neighbor.

IV. Why love worketh no ill to our neighbor.

"Self Denial" ---New Window

Lecture XXVIII

I. What self-denial is not.

II. What it is.

III. What is implied in it.

IV. What is not taking up the cross.

V. What is taking it up.

VI. What is implied in it.

VII. What following after Christ is not.

VIII. What it is.

IX. What is implied in it.

X. That these are indispensable conditions of salvation.

"The True Service of God" ---New Window

Lecture XXIX

I. In what the holiness of God consists.

II. That there are two kinds of service, both of which claim to be rendered to God.

III. Which constitutes the acceptable service of God.

IV. What is implied in it.

V. How these two kinds of service cannot, and how they can be distinguished from each other.

VI. If any man would serve the Lord, he must begin by making his heart holy.

"Entire Consecration
a Condition of Discipleship
" ---New Window

Lecture XXX

I. What is not implied in forsaking all for Christ.

II. What is implied in it.

III. What is intended by being a disciple of Christ.

IV. That being his disciple is an indispensable condition of salvation.

V. That forsaking all is an indispensable condition of discipleship.

VI. We have no right to profess discipleship nor to ask for divine teaching, only so far as we live in a state of entire consecration to God.

"A Seared Conscience- No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture XXXI

I. What conscience is not.

II. What it is.

III. What is intended by a seared conscience.

IV. The evidences of a seared conscience.

V. How it becomes seared.

VI. Consequences of a seared conscience.

"A Seared Conscience- No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture XXXII

Continued from Lecture XXXI

"Conditions of Being Kept" ---New Window

Lecture XXXIII

I. In what sense the trials, temptations, and sufferings of the saints, in this life, are according to the will of God.

II. What is intended by committing the soul to Him.

III. What is intended by committing the soul to Him in well doing.

IV. If the soul be thus committed to Him, it will inevitably be kept.

V. Notice several mistakes into which many fall, upon this subject.

"National Fast Day" ---New Window

Lecture XXXIV

I. What is implied in an acceptable fast.

II. The importance of abstinence from food on such occasions.

III. That human governments are a divine institution.

IV. The principle upon which God deals with nations as such.

V. Notice the design, propriety, and use of national fasts.

VI. Point out the duty of citizens, and especially of Christians as citizens, in respect to them.

VII. Notice some of the national sins which call this nation to fasting, humiliation and prayer.

"Mediatorship of Christ" ---New Window

Lecture XXXV

I. Show what a mediator is.

II. Some things implied in the existence of that office.

III. What are essential qualifications for the office of mediator.

IV. On what conditions the end of the mediatorial office can in any case be accomplished.

V. Apply these principles to Christ as mediator between God and men.

  Wisdom is justified.

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  Wisdom is justified.


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