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Phila delphia > "THE OBERLIN EVANGELIST" 1862 Lectures Index by Charles G. Finney

Voices From the
Church of Philadelphia

The Oberlin Evangelist

Charles G. Finney

1862 Index
Public Domain Texts

Official Publication of Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Sermons and Lectures
by Charles G. Finney,
president of Oberlin College
  Wisdom is justified.

Contents of the 1862 Lectures

"Great Peace - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture I

I. What is intended by the term "law"?

II. What is it to love the law of God?

III. What is the peace here spoken of?

IV. The text asserts two facts.

"Great Peace - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture II

Continued from Lecture I

"Moral Depravity - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture III

I. What is moral depravity?

II. The attributes or qualities of moral depravity.

III. What is the "carnal mind"?

IV. The "carnal mind" is a state of enmity against God.

V. The carnal mind is a state of mortal enmity against God.

VI. The carnal mind is a state of supreme opposition to God.

"Moral Depravity - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture IV

Continued from Lecture III

  Wisdom is justified.

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  Wisdom is justified.


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