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Voices From the
Church of Philadelphia

The Oberlin Evangelist

Charles G. Finney

1847 Index
Public Domain Texts

Official Publication of Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Sermons and Lectures
by Charles G. Finney,
president of Oberlin College
  Wisdom is justified.

Contents of the 1847 Lectures

"All Things for Good to Those that Love God - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture I

I. Show what the passage means.

II. Illustrate the manner in which this is accomplished.

III. Notice some particulars as illustrations of this truth.

IV. Show how we know this truth, as the text affirms that we do.

"All Events Ruinous to the Sinner - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture II

I. To show that this is and must be a universal truth.

II. To point out some particulars that will illustrate it.

III. To show that we really know this to be true, even as we know its opposite to be true of the people of God.

"Heart Condemnation, A Proof that God Also Condemns - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture III

I. To avoid mistakes, show what is not implied in our heart's condemning us;

II. What is implied in our heart's condemning us;

III. Show what is not implied in the last clause of the text; "God is greater than our hearts and knoweth all things."

IV. What is implied in this language.

"An Approving Heart, Confidence in Prayer - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture IV

I. Show that if our heart does not condemn us, we have and cannot but have confidence toward God that He accepts us;

II. That if we have confidence that our heart does not condemn us, we shall also have confidence that God will grant us what we ask;

III. Show why this is so, and why we know it to be so.

"Conditions of Prevailing Prayer - No. 1" ---New Window

Lecture V

Text.--Matt. 7:7, 8: "Ask, and it shall be given you."
James 4:3: "Ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss, to consume it upon your lusts."

These passages are chosen as the foundation of several discourses which I design to preach on the condition of prevailing prayer.

"Conditions of Prevailing Prayer - No. 2" ---New Window

Lecture VI

Continued from Lecture V

"Conditions of Prevailing Prayer - No. 3" ---New Window

Lecture VII

Continued from Lectures V and VI

  Wisdom is justified.

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  Wisdom is justified.


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